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Current Label Toggle Dropdown. French SDS for Demand CS Ditrac All Weather Blox (English & French) - Label Product Label for Ditrac All Weather Blox SDS AQIS Label. 8 oz/6 to 24 ml per gallon of water). If hands are contaminated, wash with soap and water before touching other areas of skin. 2 to 0. Demand … Demand-Label. For Use by Individuals/Firms Licensed or Registered by the State to Apply Pesticide Products. Consult the Pest Control Regulatory Agency … Revision Date 15.02.2011 Print Date 15.02.2011 Version 13 Page 7 of 13 8.2 Exposure controls Engineering measures : Containment and/or segregation is the most reliable technical protection measure if exposure cannot be eliminated. 2 1 0 0 1 2 14. 138 item(s) Termite Management. DEMAND CS MSDS No. demand ® cs insecticide &200(5&,$/ 0,&52&$368/( 6863(16,21 guarantee: /dpegd f\kdorwkulq j / &rqwdlqv ehq]lvrwkld]rolq rqh dw dv d suhvhuydwlyh read the label and attached pamphlet before using keep out of reach of children shake well before use potential skin sensitizer caution: eye irritant 5(*,675$7,21 180%(5 27428 3(67 &21752/ 352'8&76 $&7 syngenta canada, inc. 5hvhdufk /dqh … Guelph, ON N1G 4Z3 . Key Features. Current Label Toggle Dropdown. Product Name: DEMAND CS EPA Registration Number(s): 100-1066 Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or non-hazardous. EcoVia EC. Demand CS – Label – SDS; Cy-Kick CS – Label – SDS; Conquer – Label – SDS; CB-80 Waterbury – Label – SDS; Catalyst – Label – SDS; Borid Dust – Label – SDS; Bora-Care – Label – SDS – Brochure; Bor-Ram – Label – SDS; Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait Formula 1 – Label – SDS

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