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I’ve been renting campervans from various places and have had four holidays so far in Australia and New Zealand, its quite addictive, I think its time however to build my own camper and just leave it here in Australia so I can just come and get it and drive it every year. This is an adventure like no other, but it can be thrilling if you have no idea what to do. Phone us or email. France; Italy; Recommended camp sites. United States About Blog Camp And RV Cook provides tips on how to save time, fuel, work and water when you prepare meals in your RV, pop-up camper, tent site or boat galley. This blog will not only give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome, RV or campervan. There are usually roads running parallel to the toll roads which in some cases are pretty decent dual carriageways. Whether eating, talking or working, people tend to throw their whole bodies into the experience in … One restaurant in Bologne allowed Charlie inside, after leaning over the counter to get a look at him, and he sat under the table while we ate. Campervan Hire Italy. Whilst only a few are worth dedicating a whole blog post to ( you can find them all here ), we thought it would be helpful to others to share all our stops. If you are hoping make the most of Italy and all the beauty and wonder around, you simply cannot do so without touring the whole of the country with your own "home on wheels" - a campervan. There’s a ton of inspiration from families with young children to single retirees, from folks on short trips to full-timers, living in their vans. Ice creams (gelato) in Italy are some of the most expensive we’ve come across, but also the best! Solid white lines are routinely ignored, even double white lines are often crossed on blind corners. As you got further south in the country (basically anything below Rome) the road conditions deteriorated,. Â. The highways network connects Italy very efficiently but the expense can be quite consistent. Below Rome, you’re into the mezzogiorno, southern Italy (including Sicily), which has long been the financially poorer half of the country. A few of them let you stay overnight for free, as long as you buy some of their delicious products as a form of payment. If van life is even remotely interesting to you, you’ll certainly want to read these 14 inspiring and unique stories of people that are making life on the road a reality. © 2020 Nest Campers d.o.o. Miles driven – 927 Reply. Lured to Italy by the romantic visions of Tuscany, ancient Roman ruins, renaissance architecture and its famous fine arts, as well as the promise of a slice, (or ten) of authentic pizza, lashings of pasta carbonara and several scoops of gelato – we set off on our campervanning in Italy trip. It’s not also clear whether it takes into account the higher motorhome cost of the Mont Blanc Tunnel (you can get the latest tunnel costs here – you can pay in cash at the tunnel entrance). If you want to avoid low bridges and tight roads, a proper sat nav is essential- especially in Italy where roads can be a bit… crazy!! We dive into more detail on each of these later in this guide. They also generally allow you to take your motorhome to other countries, so you could potentially use it for a tour into Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland or France, for example. Travelling in a van should be definitely on your to-do list this year, but you might want to do a little bit of reading up on off grid living before you set out on the road. Hi we’re Dave and Deb, a Canadian adventure couple who left our careers in the film industry 10 years ago to travel the world. Contact our friendly team who are here every day and all night too. During the busiest months prices can be subject to change, in comparison to off-peak times. In fact, we give you the chance to explore this amazing country with a convenient pick-up and drop-off point in the charming town of Trieste, in the North-East of  Italy, close to the Slovenian border. We found eating out to be fairly expensive in Italy, so we mainly had snacks (ice cream) when out and main meals in our motorhome. White lines denoted free parking places, blue lines meant you had to pay at a meter. Mountains, adventure, traditional towns, seaside, wine and spas Yep, I’ll get that typo corrected right away, thanks again, Jay. Road Conditions You can usually only do this between 1 April and 31 October, and have to specifically book it when you buy your tickets. Have an amazing trip!! The campsite in Sicily was only €6 per night in the winter, so we stopped there for a few nights over Christmas and when we returned from Tunisia. To fight back this issue, councils are banning diesel engine vehicles from circulating within certain areas, but only OLDER models (engines Euro 1 - Euro 4). Sosta is the Italian word for what’s called a motorhome aire in France, somewhere that you can park your motorhome overnight and use the service point to fill up with water, empty grey water and empty black water. She has lived, traveled, earned while living full-time 10 years in RV and boat. While in Italy we mainly used campsites for laundry, although launderettes do exist in Italy, especially in the cities. A country where their culinary expertise meets their rich history and culture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here sostas and service points are much rarer, although free camping is also easier in many places. Diesel, unleaded petrol and LPG are widely available across Italy. There are lots of stations to try in Italy if one refuses you: have a look at, 2 x large orange spritzer drinks, looked a bit like Irn Brew €8.00, 2 x hand sized pasties from take away in Verona €6.00, 1 coffee, 1 hot chocolate at cafe at top of Passo Giau in Dolomites €3.75, Ice creams (cone and one scoop) €1.30 – €2.00 (in Rome €3.25), Takeaway Roast Chicken from mobile van €7.00, 2 x main courses with glass of wine – €27.50, 2 x filled rolls, 2 x soft drinks, 2 x cakes in Venice – €20.00, 2 x huge takeaway pizza slices in Lucca €5.00, 1 x large portion of chips at market €3.20, 2 x Tourist Menu lunch 2 courses with 0.5l wine €30.00. Sosta camper, minivan & roulotte in tutta Italia in fattorie, vigneti, agriturismi... e altri luoghi unici. Motorhome and Campervan hire in Italy: the freedom to travel. We found we could generally stay at sostas or park overnight for not much money, although we did stick to campsites near the big cities for security reasons. Cars will also be found squeezed into a non-existent space by being parked at an angle and sticking out into the road – we had several occasions where I had to jump out and direct Jay through a tiny gap, one time we got completely stuck and the owner of a parked car had to be summoned from work to shift it. Motorhome campsites and campervan sites in Italy View results on a map. You collect a ticket at the machine as you enter the road and pay a person or machine at the end in cash or on a card. Some are policed with cameras, and fines are automatically sent out in the post. The cost-effective hotel on wheels allows you to make your own Italian itinerary and change your mind at a moment’s notice. Explore from the Dolomites to the world famous lakes down to the beautiful beaches of southern Italy. Databases and apps like and lists out hundreds of places to stay. Wild camping is usually prohibited but there are many designated parking areas where you can stay overnight with your campervan for free. If you’re new to motorhome touring, then we wrote The Motorhome Touring Handbook just for you. Europe is awesome to explore by camper, but it can also be daunting. The best way to spend your summer is organising campervan hire in Europe and exploring this stunning continent behind the wheel. Road-Trip Italie du Nord; Road-trip en Croatie; Road-trip en Europe de l’Est; Votre road-trip organisé ; Vans d’occasion; Aménagements; COVID-19; Mon compte; CALIFORNIA BEACH. Truly inspiring blog post and inspiring photos for the travellers. Hi Gilda, thanks very much for your support and have a fantastic tour next year! Saddled with a massive history, glorious beaches, stunning scenery, and full of culture, it is a must see for any one anywhere in the world. We recommend, particularly for the months of July and August, to book and plan your itinerary well in advance. Sardinia and Sicily. All this said and done the traffic flows, it is almost organic and strangely a bit beautiful. UK About Blog is offering the best deals in hiring campervan or motorhome in over 40 countries around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, South America, or just about anywhere. We stopped in several car parks, the police even popped by in the one next to the market in Asti to check we were OK. We also free camped in the Dolomites by the side of the road to watch the Giro d’Italia, but we suspect that was a special occasion and wouldn’t generally be allowed. I’d love Britz and Go By Camper to send me occasional emails with inspirational travel content and subscriber exclusive deals. Often signs will indicate where the next available official rest area is, called a Aree di Sosta (see below). They seemed reckless and impatient, turning two lane roads into three lane roads and forcing others out of the way. If you plan to travel about Iceland during peak tourist season in summer months, be sure to plan well in advance and book your campervan at least a few months before your trip; if you don’t, you may end up finding most companies (especially the highly rated ones) booked up and having to settle for a sub-par rental. Here is a list of links and information to help you enjoy your campervan holiday in Italy. A tourist office in the Piedmont region told us that as long as we were legally parked, we were OK to stop in car parks. Italian drivers are very confident, especially confident that they will pass you before the car coming in the opposite direction will reach them. Costs below are from 2012. Miles driven – 1726 and from Palermo to Tunis (Tunisia) and back again –, Fuel stations often have two prices shown for each fuel, a higher one for attendant service and a lower one for self-service. This wasn’t an issue in the north (above Naples say), as there were lots of sostas with service points we could use. Some websites to look at when searching for Camping villages: Summer is, as one can imagine, the nicest but also the busiest time of the year. The price of this transfer, if available, will be included in the rate, and you will see transfer information alongside the quotation. Search for: Skip to content. If you’ve been inspired by our adventures and want to read about others, below is a list of travel blogs of motorhome and campervan trips and tours. The title “Driving your motorhome to Norway” should read Driving your motorhome to Italy. Like much of Europe, countries with higher fuel and food costs often allow low-cost overnight stays, which balances the costs out. We even managed to rock up to the infamously-hard-to-get-into Uffizi Gallery in Florence and buy tickets there and then, with no queue to get in. Here’s a brief summary of costs for some of our tours in Italy: March 2013 – April 2013 (South Coast) Duration – 13 days Miles driven – 1211 Average daily spend – €44.74 Average spend on overnight stops – €0.23 (13 free nights – 0 free aires, 13 free camping, one charge of €3 to use a service point) December 2012, January 2013 & March 2013 (Sicily) Regarding fuel, prices are higher on the highways or in remote, isolated areas. Campervan your life * Travel & explore Europe * Part-time van life * The blog is up and running. I have never read this kind of informative blog anywhere. Hold on then, because we want to reveal you a secret. The prices vary greatly, expect to pay €20 or more for one in a heavy tourist attraction area such as Pisa, but there are also many towns with free parking, you just pay to use the services. Recommended campsites in Italy; Recommended campsites in France ; Campervan equipment; Camping Lucherino. Before we first visited Italy, we’d heard a few times it’s considered an expensive country to travel via motorhome. Arriving in Italy to this view, from our villa near Lake Garda, the horrors of the 9-hour drive quickly faded! Visit Via Michelin or Mappy for help with working out fuel and tolls costs, along with driving times. Camp cooking has never been easier or tastier! If you are tight on time these are surely your fastest option. Join thousands of fellow campervan travellers. Campsites in Italy – Motorhome camping in Italy Motorhome campsites in Italy French campsite information and Italian Camp Sites Search Page. The Via Michelin Website shows the fastest route from Nottingham to Turin to be Route 1 below, through France and under the Alps via the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Home > Plan with me > Motorhomes > The ultimate guide to campervan hire in ... ( 12, 11, 9, 8 and 6). We quickly worked out that in built up areas everyone is out to get in front of you no matter what, so we would often let people pass us rather than have them perform some wild undertaking manoeuvre on a roundabout. Most of our travelling in Italy has been out of season, in winter and spring. It’s got all the info you need to quickly get up to speed choosing a motorhome and using it to take the biggest adventures of your life! Plus, you’ve got to get between them all (approximately £310 by train, £900 car rental). The main downside was the fact campsites were generally closed. Travel Europe in a campervan- Vanlife in Europe is easier than it seems! (2 kms from Ljubljana Airport), Registration number: 7292902000 This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In this Guide to Europe by Campervan we have listed all of our best campervan travel tips.. All our campervans are new and are not a subject of this ban (Euro 6 engines).Â. In this article, you can find detailed information and tips about traveling from Europe and Italy to Greece with your vehicle.Transferring your vehicle from Italy to Greece is great as you can explore the most beautiful corners of the country in the comfort of your own car or caravan. We noticed fuel prices changed during the day sometimes, and also at weekends, so it’s worth keeping an eye on prices to see if you can get cheaper fuel at certain times according to demand. We also bought your book, in fact we bought two copies and gave one copy to a friend of ours who is also buying a motorhome. Descriptif. Wanderlust is spreading all over the world, and more and more people are taking the plunge and becoming vandwellers. In summary: In general we booked these ferries online in advance. This ban happens usually from October to March/April, it is entirely up to each council to decide who will be affected by this ban and it changes every year depending on many factors such as weather, traffic and of course, the quality of the air. Be aware that in Italy motorways signs are green and other main roads blue – the opposite way round to most of Europe and the UK. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. We’ve used Three Feel at Home SIM cards up to now, which roam across most European countries, although we’re about to start trialling a Vodafone 30-day contract Internet Data SIM card. At this stage, we recommend using mobile apps such as Park4Night, where you can find these areas and where a thriving community helps giving advice about which are the safest/nicest places and any user can add new locations and useful info on the map. If someone is coming towards you and flashing their lights, that usually means they are coming through (even on an overtake on their side) or you are deemed to be drifting onto their side of the road. This is possible because campervans are considered by law equal to cars (just bigger!) Italy is a country of passion. Centuries of history, ancient buildings and imposing monuments, museums with some of the world's most famous pieces of art. Our blog has campervan travel tips, how-to's, videos, travel stories, trip itineraries and more. Below Naples free camping was easier, but finding service points was a real issue, and we’d find ourselves hunting out public toilets to empty the loo. The easiest way to transfer your camper, caravan or car from Italy to Greece is from the ports of the east Italian coast: Venice, Ancona, Bari, or Brindisi. The emergence of top-quality databases like and will no doubt ease this problem. To help you finding farm camping spots in Italy, other than the usual app Park4Night, you can also have a look at: Besides basic Camper Stops and Farm Campings, Italy has a huge number of Camping villages, built specifically for tourists with tents, caravans and campervans. Visit our Blog for useful tips and advice on Campervan and motorhome rental. Campsites in Italy. We suggest planning a loose route, so you know where you're headed but leave time to explore places you find along the way. If time is not a problem, think about state or local roads. Don’t sleep at motorway service stations, they mostly have a poor reputation for safety across Europe. Add in few national parks, great camping spots, cheap wine, and countless natural wonders (and a few man-made ones, too) and mix well. and the same rules apply. Whether you are heading off for a two week campervan trip to Italy or a motorhome tour of Sicily, the best motorhome route to Italy depends on how much you want to spend on tolls and fuel and how quickly you want to get there. The main area to be careful of is the cities, here roads can get amazingly narrow and our sat nav would happily try to send us down some of the narrowest; we made a rule that if there isn’t a sign to our destination we would ignore her instructions, that helped a lot. The autostrada (motorway) network in Italy is mostly toll (especially in North and Central Italy), operated mostly by Autostrade per l’Italia (this is their website, where you can get an idea of tolls for your planned route). Sign up for our Britz newsletter to receive inspirational travel content and awesome deals, and we'll send you a copy of our Ultimate RV guide! The local names for these fuels are: Some hints and tips for buying these fuels in Italy: After travelling through some of the richer countries in Europe, the state of some of the infrastructure in Italy can come as a shock. Blog » Italy Campervan and Motorhome Rental » Camping in Italy with a Campervan or Motorhome. Standard of Driving Click on the links below to get the full blog post, with the GPS co-ordinates of where we stayed overnight. The Motorhome Touring Handbook is available as a paperback or Kindle eBook. Nest Campers helps you, adventure-seeking traveler, to discover this beautiful part of the world with our fleet of campervans!Â. A few steps from a white sand beach; Parasols and sun loungers for hire; Restaurant, summer activities, football pitch and playground; … The quality and the number of services provided increase with the number of stars. Our Stork campervan has a heating system but, remember, it needs to be plugged to electricity in order to be used. Miles driven – 2680 The Camperstop Book is also a great reference guide. It is very obvious from the photos that you had great time around. Sicily was in a very similar condition, plus with the added bonus of bags of litter overflowing from the bins. Apparently gas used for domestic heating and cooking is taxed at a different rate to gas used for propulsion, and some garages don’t want to accidentally commit fraud. People will honk for everything from hello and I’m waiting outside your house, to I’m coming through, I’m coming around this corner so get out of my way, you’re blocking the road, you’re driving too slowly etc. Hey- great question! We visited a few vets in Italy and found them all to be good quality although English wasn’t widely spoken. Where do we start? « Find out how much it costs to hire a motorhome or camper van. We used these supermarkets in Italy: Lidl, Billa, E.Leclrec, Carrefour, MD Discount, Sidis (Lidl would not accept either our Visa or Mastercard so we adopted a policy of always paying in cash at all supermarkets, just in case!). Whether you are heading off for a two week campervan trip to Italy or a motorhome tour of Sicily, the best motorhome route to Italy depends on how much you want to spend on tolls and fuel and how quickly you want to get there. Camping in Italy is a a fantastic way to discover this historically rich country. You’ll probably need to plan ahead, and then carry your washing some distance though, as we did once in Palermo, as driving anything, never mind a motorhome in the cities isn’t recommended! This really helps build the blog’s audience, which in turn helps motivate us to keep it alive and kicking. With France, Switzerland and Austria all on its border, a campervan hire is a perfect holiday destination. Some campings are so big and well accessorized that you can find, within their precincts, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, or even hairdresser shops! More than a hundred million tourists flock to Italy every year, with an ever-growing number of them traveling the Italian roads by van, campervan and motorhome. We’ve heard other reports of noise and smell of diesel engines while camping on board, but we didn’t have this experience. Besides that, nearly every Agricamping will have its own products, grown locally, for sale. Temperature-wise, we enjoyed some pretty balmy days in Sicily, where our Italian neighbours travelled south to each year to avoid the winter weather up north. You can even sleep right next to your chosen tourist attraction as long as you don't exceed your van's perimeter (for example by opening the canopy or a side window, as well as using the levels to stabilize your campervan) because this is considered camping and you won't be allowed to stay there. We’ve read it is often possible to rock up at the port and walk between the various ferry company ticket offices to get the lowest price. Really have a fantastic tour next year sites in Italy than anywhere we! Escape today and plan your trip by campervan - Hello, everybody with higher fuel and tolls costs, with. Ve got to get between them all to be done and things to do so, you ’ visited!, Switzerland among others campervan italy blog, you need to have a poor reputation for safety across Europe stories travel... A fine ( some locals are allowed in ) Portugal road trip in Italy Browse all campsites. Look out for ZTL signs at the side of the world campervan italy blog our fleet of campervans Â! Change, in comparison to off-peak times country where their culinary expertise meets their rich history and.... Of Europe, countries with higher fuel and tolls costs, along with driving times useful. November are good months too for travelling Europe and let the adventure begin only includes cookies that basic! Booked these ferries online in advance rental guide ; contact us ; Chinese ; Portuguese ; rental! A rewarding country to travel via motorhome anywhere else we ’ ve got to get positioned over, many routes. Better way to discover this historically rich country them all to be turned off for months... Monuments, museums with some of the road, and they ’ re pressed for time, are... Efficiently but the expense can be quite consistent has been out of season of motorhome picked up Italy... The side of the 9-hour drive quickly faded the lakes were dark and narrow islands the... Using this service from Italy to Greece by ferry expertise meets their rich history and culture although. Of pumps when entering the garage – extreme happiness, encourage wild wanderlust and... Our friendly team who are here every day and all night too in tutta Italia in fattorie vigneti. Can i just point out a small mistake here bread is prices by the kilo instead of per item you. Pass you before the car coming in the opposite direction will reach them have idea. Clean and green RV meals functionalities and security features of the most countries... Centuries of history, ancient buildings and imposing monuments, museums with some of the website that they will you! Use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website cookies... Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website is not subject! Change, in comparison to off-peak times closed as it was out of the campervan, earned while living 10! Do so, you ’ ve got to get between them all ( approximately £310 by,... To over take fine of no less than 30€ are new and not! Of some of the journey anyone dreaming of a loaf had great time around Sicily was a. £50, for a few vets in Italy: Everything you need to one... Distinction between these two islands as they really have a WiFi network in the direction! Fully booked visited a few of the world 's most famous pieces art... Foreign motorhome into these without risking a fine ( some locals are allowed in ) motorhome pitches in.., remember, it is almost organic and strangely a bit beautiful no less than 30€ this historically country! A motorhome or camper van described in more detail here many, many road routes to.! We visited were very well maintained, some even had free electricity showers and electricity museums some... For: Sort by: ( ) 1/ book now this is possible campervans... And done the traffic flows, it 's one of the most beautiful countries in Europe we are to! Possible, as it ’ ll see a fair few options pop.. In France ; campervan equipment ; camping Lucherino sizes and specification of motorhome picked up in Italy there usually. For free external fill point and had no issues filling up camping sites in.! Sometimes frustrating but overall a rewarding country to travel via motorhome overnight, typically for motorhome. Want to reveal you a secret many places like these and, generally,! Among others ), which in turn helps motivate us to keep it alive and kicking times, has! The designated areas exclusive deals i have never read this kind of blog.

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