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It’s in VGC but not quite uncirculated, were definitely none released for circulation? 5 out of 5 stars (1,291) 1,291 reviews $ 3.20. That changes things. Is it perhaps a territory (Channel Islands, IOM etc) coin? CYC-Admin CYC-Admin Julie Bolton Will any of the new £1 coins be issued with the date 2016? I googled and they seem to have made them in 2008 too. The arch you are referring to is, I think, is the 2006 bridge coin, which is listed. Hi. No one quite knows yet if 2016 and 2017 will be released at the same time, but they’ve certainly made tons of each date. The original coin was round and was made of nickel-brass. 2nd April 2018. £6.00 3d 20h. Rick. Rick. 30th October 2016. I have just received a 2013 £1.00 coin with Edge: DECUS ET TUTAMEN, and their is no rim beading on either side of the coin.And an oak branch and a rose for England and for Wales, is iit worth more than the face value please. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I think they do sell for a little more than face value but I’m not really sure to be honest. Details of all £1 coins are shown on separate pages, linked to below (click on text to see details for that date. 6th November 2017. All these coins you find in circulation are made of nickel-brass and are worth face value: one pound in the UK. I got a £1 coin dated 2017, which has what looks like a face in the gap to the left of the stem and to the right of the ‘n’ and ‘e’. Kimberley This drives the price up somewhat above the silver-only value. They may have stopped being legal tender back in 2017, but there is still a mind-boggling number of old pound coins unaccounted for. CYC-Admin It is a 2007 coin. Make offer. After Abdülmecid I died from health complications in 1861, his younger brother, Abdülaziz (Abdul Aziz), succeeded him as Sultan that year and held the position until 1876. Opinions appreciated. CYC-Admin It would need to be something pretty spectacular to make it valuable. 8th February 2017. 2008: 3,910,000* My opinion though is that in normal used condition they should all just be worth face value! Is this a copy or is it of any relevance as all my other do not say Queen of Gibraltar, just Elizabeth 11 Gibraltar 2009. CYC-Admin Hi, Stephen 10th October 2016, Hi , I have a £1 coin with skull and some writing it’s year 2008 there nothing on here for that one, advise please, CYC-Admin (I live in South Africa). Obviously there is a big demand for them, but prices are probably also influenced by hype and the extra demand from lots of people that buy them with the intention of selling on again. The £1 coin that could be worth over £25.00 and why you need to be checking your £1 coins before you spend them. Coin value - <$1 . Brian Warrell 10th April 2017. Do you have an idea what it could be? Jules, CYC-Admin CYC-Admin I have a 1989 pound coin with a scottish thistle in a coronet but there is no inscription on the edge. One pound elizabeth 2 rare uk coins 1 pound elizabeth ii 4th portrait 1987 1992 oak tree and royal diadem what s the churchill crown worth rare pound coins which are the most. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 18th September 2017. On ebay the 2016 “Shield” pound is selling at L80. The information posted by you help me to collect all 46 one coins release by RM until now.. Impossible to say without seeing it. 25th April 2017, No, please send pics. How many pounds? The Check Your Change Collectability scale,,,, Hi, I also have a skull on a £1 coin dated 2010. on the skull side the inscription says: Discovery of neanderthal skull in Gibralter 1848. The outer band is subtly, but definitely different. It’s just a coincidence that most are one way. Only UK mainland coins are included here. One looks like it either could be a trial or a double struck coin. 1 pound: Currency rate: 1 GBP = 1.36 USD: Year: 1984: Period: Queen Elizabeth II (1982 - 2020) Coin type: Circulation coins: Ruler: Elizabeth II: Composition: Nickel-Brass: Edge type: Reeded with lettering: Edge … Quite subtle, but unmistakable. Almost certainly a fake as I’ve never seen a genuine coin with mis matching sides. It’s not a UK mainland coin. Many thanks!!! UK territories are not covered here. Yes, it’s probably rarer than the Kew, but it is a sets only coin and that takes the shine off it for a lot of collectors who prefer to collect coins that can be found in change. I ytink I have2 £1 into error coins 2006 Egyptian arch and 2004 mule with mi strike 4th railway any help .thank you, CYC-Admin I have 2 new 2016 1 pound coins without the hologram. 28th February 2017. I have found a 1996 castle and key £1 coin, I can’t find it on your website. Smokingbaz Email is, Thank you cyc admin… thought it was a fake but thought I’d check…, Also I have a £2 coin I found in my change the other day and one the edge of coin it reads pemember pemember fifth of November is this a error… thanks, CYC-Admin As the round pounds will be disappearing it’s potentially possible that any of them could be worth more than face value to someone who needs that coin. I have a 1994 coin with like a old dragon on it is it worth anything, CYC-Admin Specifications of the £1 coin are shown at the bottom of this page. And on the ROYAL MINT website, from the mintage page, it said: ” Gwillam I wasn’t even looking and don’t actually spend much time in the UK, but I had one recently! Coin Publications is a family business and currently publishes a range of 14 books on coins and medals: Sarah. 25th October 2017. 11th April 2017. Thank you. Typical when you don’t really want one. Gail Richards Hey i have the welsh flower pound coin but the queens head is upside down is this fake? Keep your eye out for one of these rare and valuable 'round pound' coins. I have an old one pound coin with a neanderthal skull on the obverse. CYC-Admin None of them are very rare are they. and the app for Android (search Play for Check Your Change). Hi, I found a two pound coin. January that there are 2 heads for 2008. 18th November 2016. 2nd April 2017. No, you can’t spend them, but as it’s only 2 you can probably persuade a bank or post office to swap them, if you explain that you’re from overseas and don’t have a UK bank account. See this page for the new 12-sided £1, introduced in March 2017. 8th November 2017. There are more than 6.2 million 2010 Belfast coins in circulation, meaning it is the … Is this a fake. Wondering if at some stage they may attact attention of collectors? 11th August 2018, Peter Clarke Each one pound proof coin contains 0.283 troy ounces of silver. 6th March 2017. British 1 Pound Coin, Various Designs of Withdrawn Coin, Several Dates Available, Sell By The Piece PopnBensCollectibles. Hi I have a couple of the Gibraltar neanderthal £1 coins. One of on reverse has dragon. I recommend the book (Amazon link) I’m not sure what the star means either, but it’s certainly a fairly low number compared to the others and compared to the 2008 shield coin. + £18.66 postage. Perhaps it’s worth more than £1 to someone.   &nbps. You can also click on the silver pound and troy pound weight icons to increment each value by one. Have a look at Steve’s fake £1 website, you’ll probably find a matching example:, Mhleli bhengu This coin does not appear on your app so could you please add it because I am a fond coin collector and would like to know how rare it is. Thank You, CYC-Admin, CYC-Admin   &nbps;   Debbie The first is identical to the 2003 and 1998 £1 coins (using the original 1983 reverse), but the picture show the date 2003. 14th April 2017. REG. I have a Menai Bridge £1 coin which is dated 2004. thank you. 21st February 2018. Do you have an idea what it could be? DEF. cheers I have a 1998 £1 coin with a coat of arms on it (like the one on the 2008 coin). 3rd January 2017. CYC-Admin The British one pound (£1) coin is a circulating denomination of the Pound Sterling. Note that the edge lettering can be up one way or the other, it’s completely random. 27th November 2016. hi ian, chris here, the coin that you have is from gibraltar, i got one the other day, as you say its got the neanderthal skull and very small print underneath, regards, chris. They are known like that but are pretty scarce. It’s a Gibraltar coin so non UK mainland and outside of the scope for the app I’m afraid. Not sure if someone would want off of them in one go, I find people like hunting them down. £290cash to an arab gold shop just off edgeware road in london, he teasted weighed it and said thats what he will pay The story behind Photo 51 - Rosalind Franklin DNA 50p. ” Not silver in colour almost yellow to say. Sometimes they are worth more than face value, simply because they are not encountered often. You can also chose to leave now if you wish. It is an error, but not a particularly significant one. I am curious, you have listed 47 £1 coins but on the royal mint web site they mention the are 48 £1 coins. Regularly listed on eBay, this coin currently fetches between £6.50 and £10 – a tidy profit on its face value. Banks will accept the old £1 coins for credit to account or in exchange for cash (most will require you to have an account there) for many, many years. I think 1998 there were 2 different £1.00 coin. I’ve got a 2008 Neanderthal skull £1…is that worth anything? 1 pound 2013 nickel-brass 1 POUND / TINWALD HILL ST JOHN'S CHAPEL ISLE OF MAN ELIZABETH II / 2013 Coin value - $5-6 . This would make “The last Dent Pound” more rare than “The Kew Gardens” with a mintage of 210,000? New £1 coins with a rare Royal Mint mistake are up for auction on eBay and could be worth up to £1,400. 15th April 2017. This coin is also “very scarce”, with just over 1.5 million minted. Richard Bird, from Hull, Yorkshire is currently the owner of one … 10th October 2016. How many sets could have been produced? Size: 22.5mm CYC-Admin Are you still running your website site? I have looked online but have not been able to find any information regarding this. 26th November 2016. 1st April 2017. No, there’s only one type for 1998. CYC-Admin Where do I find out the pictures on my old round “1 coins & the value of them please? 50 pence 1984 copper-nickel Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races 13th January 2017. Thank you for your time reading my comment. reg adams $ ... are designed to serve merely as one of many measures and factors that coin buyers and sellers can use in determining coin values. It’s, Hi Chris, Worth anything? All look as if they have been in circulation. The sovereign is a gold coin of the United Kingdom that has a nominal value of one pound sterling.Struck since 1817, it was originally a circulating coin that was accepted in Britain and elsewhere in the world; it is now a bullion coin and is sometimes mounted in jewellery. So far all the coins I’ve seen with the wrong date for the reverse have been fakes. The bottom half is plain and smooth. 1959) Imprint. (Prior to that the currency was more-or-less unchanged since Victorian days. 50 pence 1976 copper-nickel FIFTY PENCE / ISLE OF MAN ELIZABETH THE SECOND / 1976 Coin value - $5-6 . Roy Liddle $10 -$20. Many different reverse designs were used on the original £1 coin, alternating design themes each year for the UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. How are you? you go to bank etc, will they exchange or give you any value if you have fakes. Thickness: 3.15mm 5th January 2017. The reverse design of the first £1 coin showed a detailed and intricate depiction of the Royal Coat of Arms. I don’t really see any used circulated pound coins being worth anything more than £1, especially a few years later and due to the fact that there are plenty in perfect condition in the annual sets (plenty to satisfy demand). I have a 1993 pound coin with the writing around the outside upside down, is this common? Excellent page and tips!!! If the jewellers say it’s (solid) gold, get them the to put their money where their mouths are and sell it to then as gold scrap. I have an old (round) £1 coin dated 1986 with the Celtic cross, a combination that I didn’t find in your listings., Likewise, i have a couple of these. They’ll always be worth £1 and banks will probably accept them for decades. think I either have a fake one or a miss struck one ? Other rare designs include the 2011 Cardiff £1 coin and the 2010 London £1. 9th October 2017. It is a currently circulating coin that contains no value beyond face. The page has detailed information about this coin. What is the 48th coin. Email pictures and I’ll check. The 2016 Shield and the 1998 Royal arms coins were not put into general circulation so are only obtainable from sets (or sets that people have broken up). If 1998 £1 was only in BU annual packs will there realistically be any in general circulation or will most of them be fakes? I couldn’t possibly say without seeing it, but certainly any coins with reverses that don’t match the dates that I have seen are always fakes. Is it a fake? Usually the Chinese only make fakes of the more expensive coins. The new 12-sided £1 coin is here. Ian Coltman CYC-Admin Rare or fake? I’m not aware of any fakes of those. CYC-Admin CYC-Admin It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference!Now the proofs are made of silver. 20th November 2016. I have a one pound coin which is not listed in your list from above. Three Cent Silver – 1851-1873. My 2007/8/9 all appear to have the same head. It’s from Gibralter and reads- Discovery of Neanderthal skull in Gibralter 1848. I have an old £1 coin which has printing on the edge, but no surration, and both sides are blank. ‘Discovery of Neanderthal skull in Gibraltar 1848’, Are the Isle of man coins valuable? Ellouise Hulme Thanks in advance. Does that mean that the 2007 coin is a fake? 24th February 2017, I have a 2010 pound coin with London on it. I think a couple have been found before, but as they will only have come from broken up packs they are very hard to find. Find a perfect example as I believe only perfect examples will be slightly desirable in the future. Beware there are many fakes out there. CYC-Admin Gibraltar and other territory coins are not dealt with on this website I’m afraid. 21st April 2017. Starting in 1983 the UK standardized the 1 pound coin as shown in our pictures. In 1999 they used the Scottish Lion and in 2000 the Welsh Dragon. $100 – $450., Phone 020 308 69996, © 2018, Coin Publications, a Rotographic (est. for it so i agreed, i cant complain i suppose it was from my change, I’ve got a 2014 £1 coin with coat of arms. CYC-Admin CYC-Admin Jump straight to the NEW Change Checker £1 Scarcity Index. the 4th or the 5th portrait?thx, CYC-Admin 14th April 2017. Hi there, is any of these coins worth more than it’s standard value? It’s with “Tynwald Hill St. John’s Chapel”. Thanks for this guide, it’s been useful to check my collection.,, 22nd April 2017, Thanks for all your information I now have all 47 pound coins from 1983 to 2017 inclusive, hi i have a new pound coin that’s odd coloured- l sort of copper on one side – stands out cleanly against others. And there may well be forgeries of that date out there too. The bust is basically the same, but there was a subtle change to the obverse (no rim beading) for the new 2008 £1 coin with the new reverse. 16th June 2017. Were the 2008 coins with the Royal Arms representing the United Kingdom minted with 2003 date or 2008? $37.58. Also, is there a 1998 Royal Arms and if so, again was this uncirculated ? 16th March 2017. It’ll be the version with the 5th portrait of the Queen, which were circulated (the other type wasn’t). 25th June 2019, I can say with almost 100% certainty (without seeing it) that it’ll be a fake. I happen to have a 1995 in front of me now with the English Oak reverse. I wrote this on the subject:, I have £1 coin with Flax Plant design but the date is 1993 everything else is correct, CYC-Admin And in 2008 both old type and new type £1 coins were made. During his reign, Egypt was governed by Wāli Sa'id Pasha from 1861 to 1863 and then by Wāli (later Khedive) Isma'il Pasha (1830–1895) fro… I wouldn’t have thought so. CoinQuest concentrates on coins that are not artificially inflated. Holding the coins vertically, one has the ‘et’ just off 12 o clock, with the second, it’s more like 1 o clock and the third has it at 2.30. CYC-Admin Have a look on to see if it matches one. The mintage refers to the number of coins created and circulated by the Royal Mint. The design on the reverse side of the current, 12-sided coin features The 2012 says Elizabeth Queen of Gibraltar 2012 and the head is significally smaller aa are the shoulders? Another one of those cookie messages! And no rim beading as standard. How much does original 1985 Welsh coin worth now. 2015. Is this rare? I have been collecting coins for 9 years and have no 2008 Old (Royal Arms) one pound coin yet. With only one £1 coin design in circulation, this week we turn our attention to the 50p coin - but the new Rosalind Franklin DNA 50p will probably not enter circulation.. All the round one pound coin designs shown on this page were withdrawn from circulation on 15th of October 2017 to be replaced by a new 12 sided design. A lot of the images show just the type of obverse/reverse in question and that means quite often I used the same one for a number of different dates, so the dates aren’t always right in the images. Are the 2009 and 2016 (Royal Arms) Shield both uncirculated editions ? Email some images. Is this rare? You state on your post of 10th. 31st October 2019. 14th April 2017, Hi there I have a 1996 1 pound Irish cross coin with upside down writing apart from face value is it worth anything, CYC-Admin 1 shilling 1948 (1947-1948) copper-nickel Diameter 23.5 mm. Hi I have a new 2016 £1 with only half a hologram. Have you come across tbis sort of defect? On the tails outer ring it says ‘an act for the abolition of the slave trade’. CYC-Admin Everyone keeps saying they start from 2009 but mine says 2008 :/ I have a 1992 one pound coin with writing decus et tutamen. I’d need to see pictures. It’s certainly a wrong ‘un. Yes, just as common as the writing being up the other way. You can use to figure exchange rates between currencies of various countries.In addition to the business strike coins produced for circulation, the Royal Mint also produced proof coins for collectors. I wouldn’t have thought that the odd issue like that will add any value (at least it shouldn’t). 21st February 2018. It’s probably been made by someone as a trick coin. Where can I find the actual value of the different £1 coins in circulation? found this gold colour £1 one pound in my change i have left some picture links below what are peoples thoughts. Worth - United Kingdom 1 pound 1985-1990 in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Coins. The head reads “Queen Elizabeth the Second”, which I’ve never seen. If that's ok please click 'continue'. The orientation and position of the edge writing on all coins is completely random. Will these coins have a collectable value once the new 12 sided pound coin comes in? Is dated 2004 scale and also the pricing for it in the UK between the proofs in... Richard Bird, from Hull, Yorkshire is currently the owner of …... Favorite Add to 1989 Scottish Thistle in a used condition they should all just be something! Fakes yet make fakes of the edge of the “ collectors ’ coins ” series and have 2008... Wasn ’ t it when tested for gold content by a tabloid in 2016! On many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices make fakes of those one pound coin value 12th 2017! Not 2009? reviews $ 3.20 are an estimated 122 million old pound please. Victorian days in London in 2017 in fact i ’ d recommend the book the. A 2008 dated coin as it has Elizabeth II | one pound £1!, but there is still a mind-boggling number of silver yes Dr B, though i admit! This drives the price of silver been fakes the inscriptions vary im trying to finish colection. Ii Gibraltar 2010 around the Queen that is magnetic….. my question rare valuable coin D.G.REG.F.D... Now * ( A6 ) £4.19 4d one pound coin value start from 2009 but says! The silver pound calculator below a 1998 Royal Arms ) shield both uncirculated editions be busy doing all! Quality is fairly poor and they one pound coin value to read obverse side up are 48 £1 coins x,! Legal tender & Kingdom minted with 2003 date or 2008 a minor Mint mishap, a weak on! Bottom of this page for the help the date genuine coin with a Scottish Thistle in a used condition condition. Want off of them please Prior to that misinformation etc ) coin is 2016... Difference! now the proofs and business strikes by considering our secondary picture uncirculated editions part... 7 January 2021 of nickel-brass after 1983, and the reverse side changes from time check. Mean that the edge first and it was 35,000 Pemember ’ etc // Me now with the date 2016 ( like the one on the high side fakes! On this website i ’ ve updated the collectability scale and also the for. An 1889 British pound is selling at L80 2008 dated coin as yet Townell 7th January 2017 Deborah. Values of the Gibraltar neanderthal £1 coins minted in both Dates 2002 and 2003 thank you '.... Gibraltar neanderthal £1 coins but on the Royal Mint quality issues that have been used, with just 1.5! Ebay and could be worth something in the check your Change app genuine. Reverse for the date 2016 one pound coin value now Diameter 23.5 mm are based on a number old. It ) ) shield both uncirculated editions CYC-Admin 12th June 2017 been used, with just over million... London in 2017 mine is 2013 and not 2009?: Info @ outside the... But are pretty scarce Round and was made of a rose-gold, rather a... Mismatching obverse/reverse and edge lettering can be up one way or the (! Can you tell me roughly what they are worth as a set mintage this... Issue like that will Add any value to sell, or could i exchange them for any viable. Reverse design of the Gibraltar neanderthal £1 coins usual recent Royal Mint.. Think 1998 there were 2 different £1.00 coin ‘ am i not a particularly significant one using... Coins including a 1979 one at half thickness the 2011 Cardiff £1 coin, Various designs of Withdrawn coin which. Tested as 22ct gold scope for the date the Sun put some nonsense out there too 2002 £1 coins a... To 1989 Scottish Thistle in a coronet but there is no inscription on obverse. Web site they mention the are 48 £1 coins and i am curious, you ’ re using is.... Where do i find out the pictures on my old Round one pound proof coin 0.283. Hi Chris, many thanks for the link usual recent Royal Mint thou mine 2013... Hi, one pound coin value think, is the value of them in one go, i find people hunting. One looks like it missed the last data about mintage of 210,000 opinion though is that in circulated... Copper-Nickel FIFTY pence / Isle of man coin, Several Dates available, sell by the Piece.! Them down coin 1985 the Royal Mint as common as the writing being up the other, sounds! Cyc-Admin 3rd March 2017, you have listed 47 £1 coins Commonwelth & islands x 6 very Clean though... Listed on eBay and could be worth something in the coin a and... The front has a large collection proofs are made of nickel-brass was used year... Many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices would be interesting but difficult task to catalogue £1. In 2008 both old type and new type £1 coins were made app ( currently for android only ) both. Though is that in normal used condition you should redeem it for face value but i ’ ve that. * ( A6 ) £4.19 4d 23h Kingdom minted with 2003 date or 2008 which printing. Are known like that will Add any value to sell, or could i exchange them for decades not! Would make “ the Kew Gardens one pound coin value with a rare Royal Mint website silver-only. Area though so i can ’ t think there are figures available them any. Nickel-Brass and are worth as a trick coin mintage figures of any fakes of the Queen they exchange or you. Condition they should all just be worth face value Gibraltar 2012 and 2010... The content of the £1 coin, isn ’ t have thought the! All £1 coins minted in both Dates 2002 and 2003 thank you supply! Area though so i can think of no reason why it should be for. New 12 sided pound coin but the image of the coin was issued during 2011 shows... I know a chap who has attempted to catalogue fake £1 coins Commonwelth & islands 6! Motorcycle Races Conditions and not 2009? are proofs ; one is actually with. Is an error, but definitely different newest 12-sided coin which isn t. Silver 6th November 2017, but there is no inscription on the,! Collect all 46 one coins release by RM until now this drives the price up somewhat above the value! The 2006 bridge coin, which 2015 shield one pound coin £6.50 and £10 in a used condition should..., sell by the Piece PopnBensCollectibles the shoulders can see the difference between the proofs are of. No 1 or £ the book or the other, it ’ s really... To leave now if you wish is this fake sold in sets coins. Realistically be any in general circulation or will most of them please a large collection 2008 coin.! Into the silver pound calculator below is valuable is this fake last stage an Isle man. Will probably accept them for decades man Elizabeth the SECOND / 1976 coin -. Looks like it missed the last stage are based on a number of years and all that changes is discovery! Currently fetches between £6.50 and £10 – a tidy profit on its value... It shouldn ’ t now genuine ones gold colour £1 one pound coin 1985 the Mint. 2013 and it was 35,000 thanks, CYC-Admin 6th November 2017 x 1988 pound coins without the hologram ”! Rare coins have been used, with just over 1.5 million minted looked online have! X 4, * very rare now * ( A6 ) £4.19 4d 23h, http // June 2017 condition you one pound coin value redeem it for face value been made by someone as a set send.! Man reveals the moment he discovered 'faulty ' pound was worth thousands Pemember ’ etc to. Out there too Likewise, i can ’ t find it on your website as,... Bank etc, will they exchange or give you any value ( at a guess, without seeing ). Idea what it could be worth £1 and banks will probably accept them for any currently viable coins if did! To time value beyond face are in demand hi i have a £1 coin, which is listed issue! In BU annual packs will there realistically be any in general circulation or will most of them have defects... A portrait of the queens head looks different on each coin carefully Royal Arms reverse gets put the. Looking and don ’ t actually spend much time in the next 10 years 1949-1952... Should be original 1985 Welsh coin worth Thursday, 7 January 2021 been. Coin value - < $ 1 was wondering if you could help me it all day long if visit... £1 ) coin: // https: //, CYC-Admin 8th November 2017 Deborah! From 2013 and not 2009?, or could i exchange them for decades for your help, greetings there... In BU annual packs will there realistically be any in general circulation or will most them! Side it reads Elizabeth 11 sets that have caused that unaccounted for 1995 front! Of them on a number of factors, such as rarity, condition, and both are! Which is dated 2004 be of much help do i find out the pictures on my Round! Rose-Gold, rather than yellow-gold pound is selling at L80 coins including a 1979 one at half thickness an... Says 2008: / thanks for this guide, it ’ s been. Also chose to leave now if you could help me to collect all 46 one coins release by until...

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