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One of the main goals of the North American Picardy Spaniel Alliance is to help North American hunters find well-bred, hard-hunting Picardy pups. The Blue Picardy Spaniel in Canada. During the Victorian era, people fell in love with the higher skulls and shorter noses of oriental breeds, and selectively bred spaniels to Pugs and Japanese Chin, producing the King Charles Spaniel, or English Toy Spaniel. Feb 27, 2016 The Picardy Spaniel: What's What and Who's Who. Le premier éleveur de l'Épagneul Picard au Royaume-Uni avec des chiens de notre chenil a été trouvé dans le monde entier. Find dogs and puppies for sale or adoption. Dogs are believed to understand roughly the same number ofwords and gestures as a 2-year-old toddler — 250! Steven SchmidtDarkwater Blues531 Windjammer WayWaterloo, ON N2K 3Y5(519) 404-2355Email: document.getElementById("eeb-28720-668931").innerHTML = eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%73%74%65%76%65%40%62%6c%75%65%70%69%63%61%72%64%79%73%70%61%6e%69%65%6c%73%2e%63%6f%6d%27"))*protected email*. The Blue Picardy has been part of Brighthope since 2003. In the early 20th century all spaniels in France were represented by the same club and were often shown together. (function(d, s, id) { SweetWater Blue Picardy Spaniels - California Picardy Spaniel Breeders Connecting buyers and breeders with hunting dog classified ads for selling bird dog … A Blue Picardy Spaniel is a French breed, introduced to the UK by Chiswick resident Aila Cinar. When you purchase a puppy from a CADF breeder, you are purchasing from a dedicated, conscientious breeder whose priority is to produce healthy specimens of their own breed. These regional Picard spaniels were crossed with English and Gordon Setters and the Blue Picardy Spaniel was born. Directory of purebred dog breeders and puppies in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The purchase or sale of any purebred dog is strictly between the buyer and seller. He will form close bonds with all members of the family. 19 - 20 kg. It wasn’t until 1938 that a standard was drawn up and the breed officially recognized. The Blue Picardy is a rare breed of dog originating in Picardy, France. You also have the choice to import a new Blue Picardy Spaniel from Europe, but this can be pricey and time-consuming. Browse thru our ID Verified Dog Breeders listings to find your perfect breeder in your area. Your online marketplace for dogs in Canada! 56 - 61 cm. Descended from English setters and a Picardy spaniels, he looks like an extra large, rangy spaniel. All CADF member breeders have … var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; 22 - 28 inches. But when a club for the brown, white and tan Picardy Spaniel was established in 1921, Blue Picardy Spaniels (as they were by then called) were not accepted. Like most sporting dogs, he requires a great deal of exercise to keep him happy and well-balanced. Welcome to CanadaPups! About the Picardy Spaniel. 54 - 60 cm. Brighthope Kennels - Blue Picardy Spaniels, Walkerton, Ontario. Weekly grooming will keep the fur and feathering mat free. A young dog’s faith is absolute… Dogs are notorious for hope. The ideal breed for many North American hunters. – Donald McCaig. It wasn’t until 1938 that a standard was drawn up and the breed officially recognized. A Blue Picardy Spaniel on average is around 22–24 inches (56–61 cm) high at the withers and weighs 43–45 pounds (20–20 kg). Watching Aramis run, I realized that the Picardy Spaniel would probably thrive in the US and Canada. Dogs for adoption, rescue dogs, mixed breed dogs, purebred dogs, CKC dogs and puppies. The dog hails from France and is a popular gun dog in its native place. Our constant endeavour is to breed dogs of excellent temperament, exhibiting longevity, good genetic health and a high drive to please and perform. In a previous post I wrote the following about an excellent Picardy Spaniel that Lisa and I saw in a field trial in France. Careful training should condition the dog to periods of people absence. Find Blue Picardy Spaniel breeders near me. CKC ... Blue Picardy Spaniel Photo: Alice Van Kempen Photo questions or concerns can be forwarded to the CKC at information@ckc.ca. Blue Picardy Spaniel Origin A long-legged spaniel with setter characteristics, the Blue Picardy is a versatile sporting dog with a reputation for locating and retrieving game under the most adverse conditions. The biggest directory of Blue Picardy Spaniel dog breeders in the world. Select your province or territory:    BC   AB   SK   MB   ON   QC   NB   NS   PE   NL   YT   NT   NV, Angie and Farrah Nadon AnFarra Stirling, ON K0K 3E0 (705) 939-1999 Email: (function(){var ml="arh.clioft%nm40",mi="0;80110:=>279<065347<",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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