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After going dark six years ago, 2010 will see a new dawn. Dark Dawn was praised for successfully transitioning the 2D-style graphics of its predecessors into 3D for the Nintendo DS and for being relatively easy for newcomers to the franchise to play. It was still a new world to explore, even if it was just Angara, there were places of Angara we never saw before. Dark Dawn had flaws, but let’s use them as inspiration for improvement! I don’t think the 3DS can emulate GBA games. they got more childish, the battle gameplay.. The wait in between the first two and DD is a bit long, that doesn’t mean another game would be recieved well. The primary group consists of the children of the heroes from the original Golden Sun games, all of whom are adepts. i’m almost30 years old and im still a big fan and never moved on, or grew up in that way . so bad that i really wish at least the devs would create an ending to this series, at least be responsible to the story you’ve told to people == you cant just leave those GS fans like this, they are itching for another release, a game that would be an ending to the series, ending the GS series with DD would really ruin the 1st 2 image so at least release the GS4, the Golden Sun series deserve more than this, “You started the Golden Sun in a good way Camelot, you better end it in a good way too.”, i played the original golden sun up to it’s future decendants. If you have a Djinni on standby (I clearly remember Nintendo Power magazine indicating that the singular is “Djinni” and the plural is “Djinn”), then you can use them in battle. This game was so ahead of it’s time and looking at it now the game still shits on a lot of games today. you got young fans waiting for this game!! Best soundtrack I’ve ever heard and I continue to listen to it as it makes me feel at “home”. I really hope they make a 4th while keeping the standards from the 1st and 2nd. I fully expect that there will be a fourth game, but I do not expect we’ll see it in this decade. Do you want Golden Sun 4? I request u all to PLZ PLZ PLZ SIGN THE PETITION FOR GOLDEN SUN 4 OPERATION SUNRISE! I’m signature 6,499 and we need at least 64,000 more signatures to be taken seriously. [11], One of the most distinguishing features in the Golden Sun series is the Djinn system, where the player collects and manipulates elemental creatures called Djinn. I actually have some of the sound tracks as my ringtone! We didn’t have to wait long for details on this, as the sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age was announced. Crazy! [2][4] While Game Revolution said battle can "[use] the Djinn and subsequently summoning monsters ... pound on your enemies with attacks instead",[38] GamesRadar complains that: "Not only are the actual battles themselves easy, but your Psynergy recharges so quickly that you can use it liberally in healing and battles without ever having to use a single recovery item – you never feel stretched for resources or find yourself in a tight spot". The Nintendo DS hardware allows players to use Psynergy to manipulate their surroundings in ways that were not possible in previous installments. Update (31 August, 2016): Both GBA games are now available on Wii U VC and have been for a while. The Chaos Hound, revealed to be a brainwashed and mutated Volochek, sacrifices himself to activate the Apollo Lens, and the Grave Eclipse ends. Today I YEARN for Camelot or SOMEONE to come out with a modern Golden Sun. And the orchestrated music was so compelling, the ‘Valedictory Elegy’, the most popular soundtrack in smash bros, most people don’t even know that song is from a lost Gamecube game. I was excited for the game. Anyway I remember it like I was yesterday my dad bought me the gameboy advance in middle school around 2003/2004 and I ABSOLUTELY loved the game. Especially the PS4, because it’d so new it’s not going to be hacked and pirated for a good several years. What also made Golden Sun: The Lost Age such a great game was how it connected with the first game, beyond just being a sequel. As of January of 2012, it has only sold 80,000 copies in Japan. Should enemies attempt to evade, Isaac will turn in sync to attack a selected opponent. Like, it developed almost a religious significance to me (perhaps simply because I was so young). But my own life is an interesting look at things: the first two games were released when I was in high school. think about it. Year in, year out, I would search for news on a follow-up to The Lost Age on a monthly basis. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Battle Theme Two [Extended] - YouTube This connection method reminded me of a couple of Game Boy Color games, those being The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. [9] In battle, the player is required to defeat enemies via direct attacks with weapons, offensive Psynergy spells, and other means of causing damage, all while keeping his or her own combatant alive through items and supportive Psynergy that heal and raise defensive stats. This installment follows the story of the previous heroes' descendants and immerses players into the magic of its adventure. The characters were awesome, the style of the graphics shit on many games today and the storyline made you feel connected. I have mixed thoughts on where the development of the newcomers: Himi Eoleo, Amiti and Sveta will turn out, but we can only further wait it out until the next game comes out. Plus no one is going to make an emulator for it for quite some time, allowing nintendo to make good money off it. I remember playing both games for hours and being extremely excited when the third came out. That’s eight years. The other day I started replaying Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It took 10 years for that to come out, and people loved it. And that, my friends, isn’t the sign of a thriving franchise. But alas, gems as these, with the characters we love, will never be forgotten, but will be never have their happily-ever-afters. The power of alchemy, in the form of the Golden Sun, began to restore the declining world. the cliff hanger,, it rubs me so bad. Sometimes Djinn must be bested in battle before they join your group, while most of them will join without a fight. With enough effort, I’m sure they could create a way to improve the rest of the story that DD started. I even have my old ds lite after having sold my 3DS (lost interest), just to play them whenever. Ha! I… Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Japanese: 黄金の太陽 漆黒なる夜明け, Hepburn: Ōgon no Taiyō: Shikkoku Naru Yoake) is the third installment in a series of fantasy role-playing video games developed by Camelot Software Planning for Nintendo. [12] Djinn form the basis of the game’s stat enhancement system, and Djinn that are "set" to a certain character dictate that character’s Psynergy capabilities. The Golden Sun has set beyond the horizon. The Golden Sun franchise is a great example of what happens when you have a series of games, especially with a continuing story, and too much time passes between releases of games. Pleaseeeee……. [44], "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Australian release date revealed", "Nintendo Details Release Plans – DS News at IGN", "Read the Adventure with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn", "The Knights Of Camelot: The Camelot Planning Interview", "Golden Sun DS shown at small Nintendo gathering", "The truth behind Golden Sun 3: The Solar Soothsayer", "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's Hiroyuki Takahashi on the new game, hoaxes and 3DS", "E3: Nintendo's Conference – All The New Games! Member. Dark Dawn is set thirty years after the events of the first two games and follows the path of the descendants of the earlier games' heroes. I mean, it’s 30 years already but nothing grows in military-wise, I just wish someone could just create some tank with alchemy or even a sword with alchemic power,, or even create an enchanting system, where the player could put element to their weapon. Dark Dawn, like its predecessors, uses the traditional role-playing video game formula. The villains’ plan is simple: they will use the Elemental Stars to ignite the four Lighthouses around the world. A year later, Camelot stated that "the current status of a third game ... is still up in the air", while the studio's founding brothers Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi stated in a 2004 interview that the scenarios of the first two games were intended as "prologues to the real event yet to come", with rumors at the time suggesting a third title might surface on the Nintendo GameCube. Sequel to A Black Sun Dawns. There would be more of a lot of things: more playable characters, a longer, more involved story, more Djinn to collect. Unfortunately during my purchase o the game I didn’t have enough money on me at the time to buy the gameboy so I just bought the game and put it to the side. The mythology and nature of the franchise always resonated quite greatly with me. The huge vortex is the key. The game utilizes gameplay elements pioneered by its predecessors, primarily the use of magic (called "Psynergy") to defeat enemies and discover new locations, help local populations and find elemental djinn which can augment the player's powers. If Dark Dawn didn’t sell that much, the developers must be taking extra time when thinking about developing a new game. It just felt like something from the past was being revived for no point whatsoever. But there was no lack of creativity at all. Update (25 July, 2014): Nintendo Europe has submitted Golden Sun: The Lost Age to PEGI ratings board for the Wii U Virtual Console. i say to me that if they’re planning a sequel to dark dawn, they’re gonna have to have a complete overhaul of the gaming mechanics, storyline, glitches and bugs. The third game, which was released eight years after the second game, continues the story, roughly, from the first two. im not disagreeing with you its just something to think about. they tried to let the characters ride off their parents success in the originals, and so you have 8 nobody protagonists with hero parents. I know GS:DD didn’t do well but with the right creative and graphics time to take the essence of the original GS and modernize it with the right promotion to sell the game I believe it can potential do well, You guys have to be joking to sat that if the developer released another GS that was just like the first one but better tomorrow you wouldn’t jump on it! hmm as much as i like the deductions of each and every game that was made and its release date GS DD was released 2010 so i could be that they may take a few more years to create another i mean surely it can’t be easy coding everything from scratch. I loved it so much. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Golden Sun: The Fallen Sun Rises by REDMASTEROFPOKEMON reviews 11 months after meeting with a crushing defeat at the end of his last adventure, Isaac returns to vanquish his foes for good! By the time the third game was released, I was in my last year of University, and already moving on with my life as an adult. The game features a world with 3D environments and entirely 3D battles, and it features optional touch-screen stylus control. That’s the one reason I really hope you’re wrong, that battle has been a VERY long time in coming. They attempt to sneak into Morgal's castle through an underground labyrinth with Sveta's aid, but Blados, Chalis, and Arcanus reappear. I’m now 30 and I just finished dark dawn. Use them in every comment you make online about #GoldenSun. Hopefully camelot will do so and make it more challenging, longer and interesting for us the true fans. NO. The blacksmith? One idea for GS4 and remakes is that Djiin do not INCREASE your stats, but merely swap them around, increasing some stats at the expense of others. Only if enough people would buy the game, would they start development. The whole game was unchallenging. The game was smaller, had more restrictions as far as exploration AND had a weak story that just didn’t fit. [27], Golden Sun: Dark Dawn received mostly positive reviews from critics. And there you go: teenagers when the first two games were released were adults by then. GS is attached on us since childhood. Golden sun was my most favorite game ever since I was a child. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn it is the rarest forgeable material, only found in Crossbone Isle, which is available only after finishing the main storyline. i might give it a try despite it’s bad reviews. The story, similarly, took forever to get anywhere and was simply not worth it. "[27] When development finally commenced, Camelot gave them a larger team than the ones that worked on the previous games, which allowed for luxuries such as visiting various UNESCO World Heritage Sites to help influence and develop the story. So I played it again. but doesn’t have many new things! The leader is Matthew, a silent and strong-willed adept, the son of Isaac and Jenna from the original games. u/AutoModerator. [19] After officials announced it as a hoax,[20] the hoax's creator confessed he made it in order to generate more discussion about the series and a sequel. Golden Sun: The Last Age – 2002 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – 2010. Today I YEARN for Camelot or SOMEONE to come out with a modern Golden Sun. I was in high school when the first game was released, and I still love the games. I was no longer in secondary school (Brit talking here) and was now studying in university with a stable relationship and financial commitments bearing over me. If Golden Sun 4 came out for something like PS4 or xbox I would buy it just for Golden sun 4. Champa, Obaba's Storeroom B1F (entry through B2F requires Briggs' Key, then access B1F through usage of Thermal Psynergy) 2. People moved on. Yes I’m all grown up (21 years old) but I’d buy this game in HEARTBEAT if they made a new one on XboxOne PS4, Wii, etc, Robin : I literally just started the Wheel of Time but am already on The Shadow Rising. THERE IS A CHANCE THEY MIGHT RELEASE GOLDEN SUN 4!! The story was scattered, and what little plot there was sucked. Spam thise email adresses. Either way, it was not just a really neat feature, but a nice way of connecting the two games. As I said, the core fans of the originals had moved on, lost interest, given up hope for a new game, and here we had it. No word yet on an American release on Wii U Virtual Console. About two years ago while in college I decided to buy Golden Sun again to try and complete it! Let’s show Nintendo that the series is still popular. There were some nice features, like the encyclopedia thing and weapon proficiencies, but overall… it was a disappointment. If anything,thats a very shallow, narrow minded perspective. I cry for all Adepts out there…we deserved much better. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS, takes place thirty years later and stars the children of the characters from the original game, who are collectively called the Warriors of Vale. Nothing was said. [6] Players guide characters through a fantasy-themed world as they interact with other characters, battle monsters, acquire increasingly powerful Psynergy and equipment and take part in a predefined narrative. All was explained in a rather nice twist: turns out that having Alchemy sealed away was weakening the world, and causing it to decay and fall apart. I got it and just beat it. Long live Golden Sun! And characters that you can be are the following, your namable character, Karis, Tyrell, Reif, Ivan, Amitti, a new character, and Nowell. Alchemy has been restored to the world, and old villains return. the bad things are, the dialogue certainly rubs me off,, even worse than the first two of GS. I still have the game maps pinned to my walls, listen to the music sometimes, and I’m considering a play through of the originals. It made me tear up. Fucking yes I need a new Golden Sun that is not Dark Dawn. [6] There are 72 obtainable Djinn in the game, which allow for a large array of possible class setups for all eight playable characters and supports a variety of combat options.[13]. i played the first golden sun when i was 11 on Gameboy Emulator. reading this article made me feel so young. Although I feel a TV series of Golden Sun would have more popularity with actual actors instead of as an animated series, but there’d be so much that could be done with it that it would be impossible to say for certain. I’m pushing 28 years old now and for some reason still want this game to be re-birthed again, after all Fire Emblem managed to escape its handle held onto a console but like the Tales series its only fan base with be the older generations of gamers from the early 2000’s GB/GBA Era since the youth would look at this story as boring. [6] GamesRadar said the game's Djinn system made the game interesting enough so that "veteran RPG players [wouldn't] be bored with the gameplay". Alchemy itself was sealed off from the world ages ago, in order to prevent the power, and abuse of the power by people, from destroying the world. While exploring that sanctuary, the villains return, and take part of the group hostage, forcing Isaac and Garrett to hand over three of the four Elemental Stars. Well I agree on many of the things you wrote but anyways I will love to play a fourth GS game. i was born in 2005 and quite a fan of these games. I would love to see another Golden Sun game, but I’ve already moved on, having realized that game will likely never be made. Virtually 10 years have passed. I got the Golden Sun games back before I was in high school. They also had a trailer for the new game, and it caught my attention. It will be a blast if an anime series is made which will attract more attention of players,fans and everyone!!! [2], Dark Dawn's graphics, Djinn system and puzzles were generally well received. the last bad thing?.. I completed Dark Dawn. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT OF YOURS! Dark Dawn was far easier than the first two games. Nov 8, 2017 #14 Morgal's king Volochek, who is revealed to be Sveta's older brother, and Briggs both sacrifice themselves to allow Matthew and his group to escape; in response, Eoleo swears revenge for his father's death and joins Matthew's party. We need a Golden Sun 4 I have all three games I replay them alot I even have the first game on the Wii U virtual console. The first game was released in 2001, the second in 2002. And I’m a huge pokémon fan. No word. If this is true, then they have probably been biding there time for 3ds. :).IT IS BAD TO LEAVE ITS FANS LIKE THIS! Change ), A Dark Dawn, or, Why There Will Never Be a Golden Sun 4, Fans waited for news, but after each year’s E3 came and went with nothing said about a new game, interest dwindled. They are the only games I haven’t sold in fact as they are dear to me. Very much akin to re-acquainting yourself with a dear old friend; you revert to an earlier form of “you” emotionally. golden sun 4 WILL BE RELEASED!IT HAS MANY ATTACHMENTS ON US LIKE POKEMON! I loved this games just like all you guys do… No matter how long it’s been and how disappointing the plot of dark dawn was, my love for the previous characters and the story in general lives on in this game. With the aid of a priestess named Himi, they are able to find the Umbra Gear and reach the Lens. Talk of a third entry in the Golden Sun series began as soon as The Lost Age was released in 2002. But my love for this game hasn’t been forgotten. The franchise developer, Camelot Software, fell into obscurity, after focusing on Mario sports titles. u/Dracobolt. DD was too easy, too short, the world was tiny, and not nearly as well written. It was at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that a new Golden Sun game was in the works for the Nintendo DS. I feel like pointing this out, mostly as an update on a changed rating system over on GameFAQs. If I get a Wii U, it’s likely going to end up in her room as well since she has a few games she likes to play and she uses it more than I would. Man, I wish that they’d have released the games for the 3DS instead of the Wii U. I’d much rather play them on my 3DS since I have one of those and at present I only have a Wii, which is in my mother’s room. the villains were uninspired, I just kept hoping alex was actually not there yet or something. Maybe i’m still waiting for a sequel because i’m just 16 and I’m not lacking time but I know that Golden Sun is not enough popular to keep going on forever like Mario-Zelda-Pokémon and I at least want a proper finale to this game. Like not even seeing Ivan or Mia! Can someone PLEASE email the developer of this game to release a new one. The story from DD, while disappointing, also has some potential. I always will love them, they have a special place in my heart, the music on the title screen still moves me, and the memories of times spent playing are still dear. Never before had I scoured the Internet so consistently for news on anything, let alone a video game. I like yourself was a teenager whenever the first two were released! It achieved 79%[29] on Metacritic and 80%[28] on GameRankings. I received Dark Dawn as a present from my brother (another GS fanatic), played it, completed it, and was thoroughly underwhelmed. [8], Much of the time spent outside of battle takes place either in the game's overworld or within dungeons, caves, and other locales with puzzles integrated into their layout. Even if they just port them with the old graphics I wouldn’t care ! Being a core console experience and an on the go experience would be amazing! As mentioned earlier, I bought my copy practically on launch day. The only conceivable way a Dark Dawn sequel will catch my attention is if something significant changes. 4.8 out of 5 stars 492. there r still groups and fan pages of gs at fb so plz join us and help us!! The game was released at the end of 2010, eight years after the second game in the franchise, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, was released. I got the first game from a friend in elementary school (the third grade). The sequel might definitely be from Nowell's point of view as she gathers her own set of 4 companions to meet up with Matthew, Rief, Tyrell, and Karis. Also for those unfamiliar with the games: the basic story for the game was somewhat simple: you start out with two young men from the mountain village of Vale. It would be awesome to see a fourth as its been almost 8 years again…. I know GS:DD didn’t do well but with the right creative and graphics time to take the essence of the original GS and modernize it with the right promotion to sell the game I believe it can potential do well [5] Speculation of a third entry in the franchise began soon after the release of its predecessor, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, in 2002, culminating in a widely-spread hoax game being revealed at a pre-E3 2007 gathering. I …NO, WE ALL WANT AND LOVE TO SEE GOLDEN SUN 4! I don’t really remember what grade I was in when I got them, but it might of been before middle school too. And I was also disappointed by the ending because I knew it was unlikely they would make a fourth. Years passed. Nintendo DS. The group travels to Sol Sanctum to try and solve the mystery of the storm, and end up finding the Elemental Stars. The world, the characters, and especially the attacks in combat look great". Firstly, let’s demand remakes of GS1 and 2 for the WiiU, 3DS, New 3DS and Nintendo NX. I appreciate the update. First, Let’s demand remakes of Golden Sun 1 and 2 for a new console like the Nintendo NX, and not just the 3DS ! In addition to the low difficulty level, the main problem with Dark Dawn was that they kiddified the entire game, and made the dialogue both boring and childish.

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