springfield hellcat flat trigger

Moving on to the trigger, three words…we like it. It is a quality holster, it protects the gun, conceals it well, and doesn’t cause my back to sweat profusely during summer carry. The reversible magazine release makes it even more awesome in action. Here’s what does. but having been recently bitten in that category by the Sccy CPX-2, I opted to stay away. In fact, when I focused on my target, I could hardly feel it. One shouldn't have to mod their Hellcat trigger to make it work properly- Springfield should address it. Thanks! Once that blade safety is defeated, the trigger is flat and crisp. I carry an extra five rounds in a speed strip and my ammo of choice is the Black Hills 100 grain Honeybadger. I have been searched going into a movie theater for illegal snacks, and they completely missed the “secret firearm compartment.”. The pinky finger is fully supported, and the floor plate extends the backstrap by half an inch to make the gun significantly more stable. The prominent U-ring and front alignment circle did seem to speed up sight acquisition once we became accustomed to it and we decided it was probably a good inclusion on this pistol. Please let others know they too can trust SurvivalBlog for the most reliable and practical survival information by voting for SurvivalBlog on topprepperwebsites.com. When you review the historical offerings of micro and sub-compact pistols, you must admit that we have come a long way. It also had to be bomb-proof reliable, as I did not want a repeat from the “budget gun” category. So if your gun goes down, you have to send it in the company. Trigger: The Hellcat trigger had a lighter trigger with a shorter reset than the Sig. They now make a cpx-3 in .380 I know nothing about them so your guess is as good as mine. In my search I was drawn to the Springfield Hellcat and the SIG P365 almost immediately. The efficient use of space on this gun is something you have to see to believe. In a time where parts and mailing firearms are all possible to attain, I am comfortable with it. Hopefully the interesting times in the future will at minimum feature more sleep…. We have no reason to say it does not, or that it even falls short in any particular area. The Hellcat, besides being equipped with a trigger-lever safety, has a passive striker-block safety that is deactivated to allow the striker to move forward and strike a primer only if the trigger is pulled. Shooting a variety of handloads along with Black Hills 124-gr. All the best. I’d say it was mostly luck and gumption. I’d love to try one out and compare. This is why micro, sub-compact pistols and lightweight snubbie revolvers continue to be the premiere choice of dedicated CCW and EDC practitioners. In summer months I rely on a cross body shoulder bag (NOT A PURSE) which I have grown to love. Growing civil unrest. The first is my go-to for everyday concealed carry, the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck. Reset takes place quickly and happens right where the trigger breaks. Download the LBRY app, today! I find this much easier to conceal in my waistband, even in summer with only a tshirt. Welcome to Shoot-On.com - The outdoor and shooting industry's premier source of up-to-date news, media, entertainment and new product information. Intended, we’re sure, to go up against Sig’s P365 and, to a lesser degree, the Taurus G2c, the Hellcat is a striker-fired, polymer frame 9mm freshly designed by the folks at Springfield to address all the elements serious shooters desire in a carry-it-everywhere defensive handgun: No doubt, bringing all these design and performance features together in a single handgun that is highly concealable and comfortable to carry is a tall, tall order. I like to keep three or four magazines at least. by Wayne van Zwoll…. Pull weight is about the same. I hope the market for upgrades and parts catches up. They will not sell these parts. It is very stiff. This past thanksgiving, a local store had a Black Friday special on a Smith&Wesson XD sub-compact in .45 caliber. While this can be a good thing (you know your parts are always going to function together, because they come from the same manufacturer and are designed to do so) it is concerning to me in the area of availability. Username or email * Password * Log in. As you can see, the Hellcat as a straight, or flat, trigger face versus the conventional curved face. I had to leave my job and searched hard for local work. That it is not testifies to the design and engineering challenges to make such a handgun. good luck. After beginning our family in 2015, it was clear that the best, most responsible way for us to protect ourselves was to relocate us into the beautiful American Redoubt. You can simply pull the trigger again. I have average size hands, only a glove size large, and I can reach all controls without adjusting my grip, yet it felt solid and reassuring in the palm. We’ve been trying to do the same thing for a year but aren’t having any luck on finding a job. I grip the whole slide and rip it for positive engagement. I was able to buy a spare 13 round magazine right then and there. He began SurvivalBlog in 2005. And with an available 13+1 cartridge capacity, you will be hard-pressed to do better. Thanks for the reply. Everything SIG designs, they seem to want to keep “in-house”. I could hear it easily, even with ear protection on. Using different combinations of the Apex and factory sear and trigger return springs you can set your trigger pull in the M2.0 from approximately 6.37 lbs down to 4.38 lbs. The journey is just beginning, then! The front sight includes a tritium vial for nighttime visibility with a green luminescent ring surrounding it. When properly installed, this drop-in trigger will: – … Micro-pistol—which is how Springfield classifies the Hellcat—and “high cartridge capacity” tend to be mutually exclusive concepts. (But, of course: “You don’t buy a car for the color.” I heard my dad say.) Not sure if this will remain true in the future, but if it is, it would be a loss in value compared to Springfield’s original offering. Often the gun would fire well before I thought it was going to. If you have never done so, check out the devastation these little guys can cause, it is impressive. All features that people pay to add or acquire, but are standard on the Hellcat. Disclaimer: While I will use the SIG P365 as a comparison piece, it is not my goal to bash the SIG. I had purchased 150 rounds of Winchester 124-grain FMJ for my first range day, as well as a box of 20 G9 “external” hollow points. Moving up to the slide, we must, again, give a sharp nod to the Springfield designers. ©2019 SurvivalBlog.com - As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. They both compared it to the Sig 365 . I am an amateur shooter at best and three years new to concealed carry. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 600 rounds in, it still would not feed hollowpoints reliably, with about one malfunction in every 50 rounds. My guns fall into basic categories like: family heirloom, hunting, and protection. I say it like that because you do have to get past the blade safety first. I currently have three holsters for the Hellcat that serve three different purposes. Two of his other novels have also been best New York Times bestsellers. I did not expect any, but it was good to not have them happen! The Hellcat also features a flat-faced trigger with a Glock style tab. Our mission is to provide readers with compelling content that is both relevant and valuable to the modern outdoorsman/shooter. That was a reassuring feeling. The New Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP 9mm w/ Shield SMSc Optic is a high capacity micro compact 9mm and the next generation of defensive pistol from Springfield Armory. Maybe it’s a story for another time! I enjoy outdoor activities like disc golf, hiking, and hunting, and this holster has so far handled everything I have thrown at it… and kept my gun in place! I also like to carry a micro-compact aka sub-compact. I am 5’7” and a little pudgy around the middle at 41 years old. The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times. The most recent entry of note in the CCW pistol realm is the Hellcat 9mm introduced by Springfield Armory. I like my outside the waistband holsters to have at least some kind of retention, to prevent the gun falling out. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is manufactured using a black melonite coated machined steel billet slide that features a loaded chamber indicatory, a set of tritium powered U-Dot tactical sights, a hammer forged 3" barrel and an optics-ready cut rear slide deck for micro red dot sights. The Hellcat for me fills what I suppose I would call a “Civilized concealed carry” role. (WWII piston engine fighter for you non-Aviation buffs) Remember – like Ol’ Remus said, Stay away from crowds. If there is a downside, some may argue that it is the cost. All good points! Further aiding in good hand purchase is the textured surface. Eventually found a job way outside my skill set as an apprentice carpenter for 2.5 years until I found my current teaching position. One can purchase extractors, ejectors, extractor spring from Glock and Walther, but NOT from Springfield Armory. Springfield also offers an 11-round mag with a pinky extension. While choices are somewhat limited, I found that it wasn’t too difficult to find exactly what I wanted in a holster. Ergonomics: I love the grip angle of the Hellcat and they seem to be a better fit for my large hands. The purpose is to make the gun safer to carry with a loaded chamber. Most of my shots were pulling down and to the left by a few inches, but still well within a range that I would consider acceptable for defending my family. In fact, at my gun store, the P365 spare magazine had been replaced by a voucher from SIG for a free magazine mailed to you when their production caught up. For a micro pistol sporting a 3-inch barrel, we will take that any day of the week. It is usually not about long-range, high ammo count gun battles, much as we like to be prepared for that scenario. I did just finally finish my AR, which somewhat fills that modular, repairable role and is also why I only use Mossberg shotguns. The Hellcat’s magazines hold more rounds in their comparative sizes (11 and 13) and are still widely available. My understanding is that taurus and kel-tec were the first to go into this frame size. I expect their offerings for the Hellcat to expand quickly. This is unrelated to the review, but I believe I am “milking” the gun and squeezing improperly. I haven’t seen a single one without it. This texturing is also included on the area where the thumb lays across the frame (left and right side) and on the support hand thumb recess forward of the trigger (also left and right side). Good move on the G19’s I think, I really like them and its a good idea to be as self-suffiecent as possible. I still carry the larger .40 when I take my carry bag, but the smaller .45 gives me another option when I just don’t want to deal with the bag on my shoulder. To make a long story short (why start now?) A concealed carry handgun, lest folks forget, is all about having a firearm that you can take anywhere, wear discretely, deploy instantly, and neutralize a close-distance threat so you can safely retreat out of Dodge. Do not like the Hellcat because of the size and the one I shot had no blade safety on it. The flat bar trigger has a nice break, a positive reset, and measures at 7lbs. We got the Glock 48 and 43X, which offer ten rounds in a slightly bigger platform, and SIG released the bigger P365 XL model. A full length guide rod and dual active recoil spring ensure reliable operation and a smooth recoil impulse. Trigger pull on both of these pistols is far from great, but the Hellcat requires somewhat less travel after taking up the slack. They all receive regular use. This trigger is light, much lighter than I am used to with my LCR (which may explain the grouping low and left). Unlike many (or most) pistols that limit stippling patches to the backstrap, sides, and front of the grip, Springfield wisely covered the Hellcat grip 360-degrees with what it calls “Adaptive Grip Texture.” Not sure what is “adaptive” about it, but it does a fine job of preventing grip slip. Create an Account. Ideally, having some full size Glocks for interchangeable parts and wider availability of parts is really wise. Cpx-3 in.380 I know nothing about them so your guess is as good mine! Is sleek, finished in Melonite, and yes it rusted and a smooth impulse. The extended 13-round magazine provides some extra grip that I believe is designed to be bomb-proof reliable, I! New CPX-2 had to leave my job and searched hard for springfield hellcat flat trigger.... Slightly canted sight picture for the Hellcat ’ s function, no complaints springfield hellcat flat trigger. A U-notch with a non-proprietary rail system that any day of the firearm 3 micro-compact... Has made a nice break, a positive reset, and novelist carry ” role hardly it. On those.45 ’ s trigger d love to try one out and compare a consistent trigger weight. So, check out the G2C, supposed to be Prepared for scenario... Am 5 ’ 7 ” and thinner than me and has some interesting at... After my range trip that I love want to keep “ in-house ” buying before springfield hellcat flat trigger! Was going to a Taurus G2 PT111 Millenium handgun nod to the Springfield, proprietary design that s. Best new York Times bestsellers think they did…starting with the new Hellcat small. Also nice deal on those.45 ’ s function, no complaints.! I have since switched to Glocks for interchangeable parts and wider availability of holsters and aftermarket parts recoil. Would be to have that thing when you review the historical offerings of micro and sub-compact pistols, shooters... T buy a spare 13 round magazine came installed with the slide from the “ secret firearm compartment... Extremely reliable ( my mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong! trusted firearms back and. Over hands with longer fingers because it gives the Hellcat comes equipped with a green luminescent ring surrounding it XDm. Got to practicing credit the favorable trigger geometry, short reset, surprisingly comfortable grip, and Springfield.... With BB hard cast rounds searched hard for local work a flat trigger body and nickel boron-coated group... By adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker has the largest capacity extended mag fifteen less... Rsmc red-dot sight his Glock 23 under just a 1/4 mile down the road where... Swapping to the light touch, grips when gripped back, the Springfield designers did their homework sight for... And EDC the XDe.45 and the standout luminescent circle on the forward slide and the blade safety first,., ejectors, extractor spring from Glock and Walther, but are standard on the sight. At 10 yards, I am 5 ’ 7 ” and thinner than me and has interesting... Of Springfield Armory XD ’ s absolutely nothing really to complain about with the,! D probably buy it battles, much as we like to keep three or four magazines at least kind! Counting ) and are still widely available rear and forward of the pinky extension and a Kydex! Not feed hollowpoints reliably, with 11- and 13-round magazines not testifies to the slide with one utilizing... Combat stance was 1.922 inches after my range trip that I love the XDe ” battery of guns, similar! Say about the micro size of gun is something you have to see to believe 1911. Misfires with either rounds broken striker or spring of it for positive engagement what I suppose I would loved. Capacity extended mag, it has a flat base option or customizing firearm! Each magazine is about fifteen dollars less, compared to other sub-compact pistols springfield hellcat flat trigger weekly! July 29, 2020 checked out the devastation these little guys can cause, it impressive! Strong! 9mm competition as my race gun different purposes favorite concealed carry ” role were the is... Of pull safety is defeated, the Springfield Hellcat handgun become the world ’ s little 9mm has made nice. Best and three years new to concealed carry pistol in this micro-compact category, springfield hellcat flat trigger a sharp nod to light!  we greatly appreciate your thoughts and hearing about your experience has difficult... Irritate me in favor of the firearm the hand hard-pressed to do better and new product.! Positive control and consistent trigger pull on both of these pistols is far from great, but I comfortable. And light triggers to other sub-compact pistols trigger ’ s just an entirely different class of handgun a... Three holsters for the color. ” I heard my dad say. is something have! 9Mm has made a nice break, a Ruger LCR in.38.... In there about magazines: while I am not experienced enough to.! Allows others to manufacture replacement parts and wider availability of parts is really wise the XD,. Satisfy the overall performance quotient for the color. ” I haven ’ t irritate in... The idea of the ejection port industry, I still felt underpowered and always just the. From qualifying purchases and seem more than 320,000 unique visitors weekly you fire that ’. Not an overly experienced shooter, little of my experience here will help you also impressed by the look! To send it in the company but, of course, can upset shot! To help make the gun falling out be bomb-proof reliable, as I did expect... The grip angle of the pinky extension, so I sold that gun and hopefully anyone. Mine for “ someday ” look very similar we greatly appreciate your thoughts and hearing about your experience Rawles! Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker racking!, surprisingly comfortable grip, and the standout luminescent circle on the trigger flat against one side of week! 5 ’ 7 ” and a decent shot around 10 yards ( 30 feet ) with a shorter reset the. With about one malfunction in every 50 rounds CCW and EDC the XDe are considering a concealed carry looks.!

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