A4 PDF MANDALA “Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the grids”.


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Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the grids.

The DNA holds all the information about you, the earth, the cosmos, the more DNA you have awakened the more information you have to access. Two strands is the limited slave mentality but as one awakens and knows they are Light then it awakens deep memories of who one truly is.

The karmic patterning of a soul can strangle the DNA and stop it from activating fully. This karmic pattering is not just from parallel life times, but through all worlds and dimensions and from wherever you exist from. When we have experienced playing in the dark side, or become encased in fear and mortality,
then this energy can sabotage the light codes in us.
The Earth herself has no problems with this and those who live in the higher dimensions of the Earth. Since the Diamond Light Matrix has been activated this has helped a lot, but the collective fear and implants, programs and energies that humans run and from wars, media, thoughts, and negative actions has all been accumulated. As well as from other cycles and civilisations, that has accumulated into a matrix of negative energy that can block the flow of Light for those who are still not open enough in their hearts, but it’s changing very fast now. 

With the opening of the Solar Grid in 1997 and the Diamond Light Matrix resonating through the Crystalline Grid since 2013 this negative energy was released briefly but has been trapped in again by our control freak friends who are really peaking now since the big shifts of 2015 and especially after the Shambala Template, the Higher Dimensional Starmap and Light Templates have been anchored it has made it easier for us to be able to transmute and transfigure , not to mention all the behind the scenes work that is going on.

In the landscape there is DNA through the Earth and there are portals that are doorways to be able to clear this accumulation of information that has been used to trap humanity and the Earth from reaching their true potential and fully vibrating in love. This all changed in the Great Shift December Solstice 2012 but it’s still filtering down on the lower dimensions and consciousness.
The karmic clearing of the grids and each person will activate the grids again and bring in the songlines to be clear so we can travel them.

There are portals where this strangle hold of negative energy can be released from the DNA, that is the Light Codes through the Earth and Grids. By being present at places and with love and intention transmuting one’s own DNA and then through the Earth the negative energy, programs, lower astral rubbish and fear and implants can be transmuted permanently.

dna karma grids5x5  It is finally time for all the old wounds and traumas from so many overlays of the Earth to be cleared.

    The mandala “Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the grids”  assists.

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