At Home on the Inner Planes


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Going deep within is the true path to Being our full Divinity while still in our body, our Body of Light.
The doorway is through our heart, our soul, one with Source. 
Your Soul Source Self.
The outer resonates with where we are at on the inner. 
At home on the inner planes for healing and unification, inner guidance,
 inner awareness and expansion of our multi-dimensionality 
and Divinity BeAm-ing. 
Accessing the Earth, Stars, Suns other Galaxies, Universes, beyond the beyond 
through the inner planes as we are all One.
Bigger picture service work, communication with other divine beings and multi-dimensional teamwork.
 Accessing the different realms and cycles of Earth, the creation stories and Dreamtime, 
whatever your soul requires for you.
Merging your conscious, unconscious and super consciousness into one consciousness.
 Inner and outer are One. 

We exist on the inner planes, connecting with other ourselves and beings, where we learn and operate in higher realms even if we don’t consciously know or remember.

Now thanks to all the work on the inner and outer planes by so many in the One Heart, and recently with the umbilical cord reconnection and all that means and has shifted in us, heaven and earth merged within, we awaken our true essence and create the world of peace and love. 
Now the inner planes are more accessible to all as the Dreamtime is returned.
We are creating a whole new creation story.


It is my intention to be a catalyst for your own inner union. 
I have shared what has assisted me from within. 
For those just starting this wonderful journey into yourself to heal, awaken, remember, illuminate, Be, I have a ‘where to start’ that assists you to find your own way home 
from the Love and radiance of your own soul self.

For those who have consciously been on this wonderful journey into the stillness and void, through the dimensional worlds integrating, heaven and earth within,
 then there might be some things here that trigger you.

Thank you to everyone, for each of us is a Divine BEing one with Source and al that is and we all are linked on the inner planes through our heart, in the One Heart.
I can only put here my part in the beautiful mandala that includes us all, as each of us has a piece in the mandala.
I thank you for your divine gifts and BeAm-ing and know there is more to add here, from others as well as in the so called future. Really when I have opened to a higher more unified self, just like you.
So much love and gratitude to you dearest reader for all your loving service and BeAm-ing.
In the One Heart Love Soluntra


Learning how to start connecting on the inner planes with listening to your inner voice and soul. The most important thing is to know who you are,
your connection with Source within and being guided from within, and trusting.

Inner healing, and seeing those you have problems with on the inner to shift you and them into a greater reality of Love. You can go into all sorts of karmic timelines with a person and heal, but still it may not shift until you acknowledge and see them for who they really are and your real relationship with each other. Which you can easily do on the inner planes.

Going on Soul Travels to learn higher spiritual wisdom for self, metaphysical information about the higher dimensions of a sacred sites or guidance for a mission you feel in your heart.

Working on the inner planes with divine beings for bigger picture work like cosmic events, or shifts occurring for the collective.  From a point of non-interference and being a BeAm. As we get lighter and become the Being we truly are our service work becomes more and more higher frequency and so to the third density world seems invisible but this is a place where we can be of the greatest service. 

Working in the higher realms means that sometimes things may not become actualised in the physical realm for a time period as it takes a while for the higher to integrate with the denser light. But it is speeding up now. And we are coming to the time of zero point where all is in the Now and heaven and earth merged so there is no time.

You also find you live in the world but not of it. So, you are her in your body, but your body is much lighter. Even if you are in a war zone, or in a huge storm you will not get affected as it is only in the third dimension which is run on fear and duality, now you are multi-d and run on Love.

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