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It's time for being a sovereign being now and all you need is within

Being your Divine Blueprint Meditation


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24.37 minutes

We have always had our Divine Blueprint but until we become clear and have unified a lot of our duality issues it can’t operate through us. When you came into your body at conception, then birth you brought in your Etheric Blueprint that has all the information about what your lessons are. How your body is and will be, health problems and weaknesses, and all the unresolved issues from everywhere else in the holograms of your Love. Once we love and accept all of these then our true self can shine.
Our DNA light codes within us get activated and we become our Body of Light.
Please see my Light Code Activation book to clear your Etheric Blueprint, activate your DNA and open to your body of Light. As well as  Diamond Light Worksbook, Living Light and the DVD Light Codes.


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