Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity


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  by Soluntra King
CRYSTAL BOOK A4 size 88 pages
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The most popular and best selling Crystal Book with clear, concise information for the beginner and the experienced Crystal worker.
* With Crystals in the Creation Story, Cosmology and their past uses. The Crystalline Grids, Portals, Stone Code Keepers and Gateways.
* Sixty Six individual Crystals listed with their physical description, metaphysical and healing uses and connection to each Crystal Guardian for transformation.
* Ways to cleanse, charge and programme Crystals. Wearing Crystals and their use in the environment, garden and water.
* How to use Crystals for healing and self healing, for focus and clarity, accessing the higher planes and universal mind, and activating the full spectrum of DNA and Light Body.
* The new higher frequency Chakras, Crystal Mandalas and Sacred Circles, Gridwork, the medicine wheel and using crystals for Lightworking and planetary alignment.
*Creating Gateways of Divine Light with many powerful meditations.
* Making your own Gem Essences. This book opens us up to the heightened energies of Crystals as Gateways of Light and Unity, as we now awaken to our own Light within and move into the Golden Cycle…..


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