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Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent 13 Rays Meditation


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       The Dreamtime began when the Earth entered its Second Cycle, the first cycle was all about establishing the Diamonds around and through the Earth, the Dragon and Serpent people made the Earth habitable for the Lyrans and other races to come here. The Crystalline Grid was formed to create the electromagnetic energy field to bring in life by the Dragon people. The Diamonds were placed by the Sirian guardians to allow multi-dimensional realms to exist in and through the Earth. The Serpent vortexes through the DNA translated the dense DNA of the matter in the earth and rock into higher frequency DNA crystals and diamonds so that higher forms of life could exist in the higher dimensions through the Earth. This was all set in place, there were the Golden Solar Discs also placed in the First Cycle, the one at Thisky Monastery in Ladakh from the first cycle has been utilised by the Tibetans and other beings on the Earth even in this lost time and have held the codes and known the doorways that exist through the Earth from that first cycle.

   The Second Cycle was when the Dreamtime as able to come in, meaning the soul travel and soul stories of those ET races that had come in the first wave and found the Earth uninhabitable were able to now access it. The Rainbow Serpent laid the codes and the DNA matrix was glowing around and through the Earth to allow many to travel through the serpent doorways and tunnels to seed Earth. Many came from the Pleiades and this is the race that the Aboriginals, Maoris, Mayans and many others came from. The Pleiadians laid out the lines through songs that originated from Lyra. Lyra was where it all started, but when they could not seed Earth in the first cycle they created life in the Pleiades and Orion, and Wega was then the north-pole star, now Draco will become it soon as the Dragons return and awaken from the deep sleep of their work at the inception of time on Earth. There are many other star linages we have also come from Sirius of course where all the higher wisdom and knowledge, scared geometry comes form , Andromeda that has always been in the unified field and higher beings often walk-ins come from there as our galaxy merges with there’s. See Star Lineages for more.

     The Second Cycle was when the creators; that are in the Law of One, came to Earth and lived in harmony. They created the waterways and the pyramids, the aboriginals of this last cycle lost connection with the pyramids that are in Australia, but it is in their dreaming and now that the pyramids; discovered and undiscovered are all linked as of May 19 2015, the Dreamtime can awaken more fully in each of us. The remembrance of our beginning on Earth and the song that is our own, of the return to our home within, the doorway to the Sun and Stars.
The Dreamtime at the Light City at Magnetic Island, Northern Queensland, Australia was integrated on the 9th August 2015 when I had organised a group there for this work, and is now ready to go out in consciousness to humanity.



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