Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing


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HEALING BOOK A4 size 316 pages

This book has been created over many years from Soluntra’s past Naturopathic and Inner Healing practice, the workshops she has facilitated and attunement to nature. From the connection to the inner planes and Soul for deep inner healing, well being and awakening the Divine Self from within. It is only when we clear our body, emotions and mind on a cellular level that we can be our Light Body and have awareness of our Multi-dimensional Self.
This book is a vehicle to assist in your journey of self mastery and clarity, to experience being in a body on Earth to its full potential and aliveness. Having clarity in all your bodies so that you can dance in the Sun enjoying this blessed experience of being spirit in matter fully. Its contents are:
Healing from Within; coming from Love and Acceptance to heal completely, working with an Open Heart, Listening to the Inner Voice, Peace Within, Merging Light and Dark. Relationships; Inner Child, Inner Parent, our mother and father in us, Inner Male and Female.
Integration of Self; including Past Lives,/Parallel Worlds, Miasms and Inherited Weaknesses, Ancestral Control, Healing the Family Line. Working with the Higher Self of your family, partners and friends. Archetypes, Gods, Goddesses and Myths.
Body Wisdom; Being in the Body and Grounded, Health and Vitality, Conscious Conception and Natural Contraception. The Immune System and Lymphatic Drainage, Ileo Caecal and Houston Valve correction. Transmuting Cellular Memory from emotional stress, accidents, vaccinations, anaesthetics, old and childhood illnesses, Heavy Metals, Petrochemicals, Radiation.
The Chakras; with ways to balance and clear. Colour Healing.
Body and Energy Work;
Reflexology, Polarity, Shiatsu and Spiritual Healing.
Tools of Inner Knowing, How to Dowse and Muscle Test.
The Aura and Astral; the Aura and its colours, Healing and Uplifting the Aura. The Astral Body, Astral Plane, Soul Travel and the Higher Realms. The Lower Astral and Magicians, and the Dark Forces, Astral Control and Hooks, how to clear and unify – moving out of the illusion. Entities and how to clear them from within, people and places.
Being in Your Own Energy Field; Recycling your energy, resolving power issues with others, Psychic Attack, Being in Your Own Energy Field and Protection.
Nature’s Gifts; the Four Elements, Herbs and How to Use Them, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and Natural First Aid


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