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with Soluntra King
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Recommended to also use the book GATEWAYS OF UNITY INNER AND NATURAL HEALING with appropriate written information with each topic.

THIS FIRST MP3 is on LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE; how to go within using the breathe, the words and golden light to transcend negative emotions, thoughts, physical problems and blocks of the past, now and future that is 100% transformation. As well as transforming anger, rage and fury in a positive way. How to Connect, using the breathe and be at peace within. It is crucial that this one be used before any others. (I am in the process of making more).
I have used this for myself for the last 25 years and with thousands of clients and in workshops.



In the times that we are living there is nothing less for us to do but go within, into our Centre, our Heart, our connection to Source. We come to the realisation that the only solution to all our dilemmas, whether personal, physical, emotional or mental is through unconditional Love and Acceptance. We have never been encouraged or educated to do this, and how many times do we identify with less than that, identifying with our pain, emotions, thoughts, roles, sex, bodies and our limited sense of self.  Most of our time and experience is spent on the emotions and the mind, we become so immersed in the personal that the majority of the time we operate within the limitations of duality. Fragmented and relating to our individual sense of self, that the third density teaches us to integrate. When we choose to open ourselves up to live in alignment with Divine Will, Loving and at Peace we open up to spirit flowing fully through us. Charging and nourishing every cell with remembrance of our Divine self and our purpose.
We open up to the realisation that we are the Creator of our own lives. If we keep seeing problems before us then that is what we create, and it will be so if we keep fighting and not accepting all those things we don’t like within us or others. The problems will always be there because we are always creating a resistance or karma to them, and so it is a continual interplay of action and re-action.
But if we decide we are going to LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves as we are, or others as they are, then we are no longer resisting, we have decided to take responsibility. To ACCEPTANCE is to TRANSCEND, so our so called problems fall away, embraced and surrendered we are Free.
Once we acknowledge who we are, and open ourselves up to receiving the Love, Light, Beauty, Wisdom, Abundance that is within us then we operate from that level of Being, who we are and our lives flow in that essence of LOVE.
To be able to really SEE and HEAL with LOVE, to be as the Creator/Source/God is, and to simply LOVE and ACCEPT, we no longer need our FEARS they just dissolve. We surrender to Spirit and Trust with an Open Heart. If we keep affirming “I am stupid, frustrated, hopeless….” then that is what we are. But if we change the concept to the positive, “I am beautiful, clever, loving….” then that is what we are.  We need to keep reaffirming the positive until it becomes automatic, and the old programmes are no more.
Everything that affects us, for example our job, family, spouse, friends and that worries us, or hurts us, or that we keep thinking of, it is something that is reflecting that which is in us. Everything and one that pushes our buttons is our mirror, everything we judge is our mirror, so if there is something we don’t like out there in the mirror we need too heal it within, and then it will change on the outside.  Because the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE are one and by seeing ourself and others as Love/God we free ourself and them to be in our/their full potential. If we have negative thoughts and judgements of others or just see them as sick, sad or lost; then we keep them trapped in that box, because our thoughts are so powerful and they create. But if we see the God in them, see them as Divine Beings and see them as healed then we are allowing them to be that, which is what they truly are.

    An example of the power of this is when I lived in Adelaide in the 1980’s, I had come there only for my brother’s wedding. I had been travelling and living in Europe and knew I would have to stay awhile in Adelaide as I had no money. Moving into a neighbourhood that presented plenty of opportunity for my growth, I soon became aware of the neighbours on one side. Their yard was full of beer cans, the was wife bashed almost every night, the music excessively out of harmony with life and blasting out at the highest volume, and the vegetables and fruit in our garden always being stolen. I was seeing clients for healing and doing deep inner work that really required a quiet and peaceful space. This was constantly invaded by the highest volume heavy music.
Instead of re-acting and calling the police, or banging on their door and telling them to turn the music down. Every time it happened when I wasn’t working, I took slow deep breathes and saying to myself “I am Loving this, I am Accepting this, I am Surrendering to this…..” repeated over and over. When I was seeing a client and the music came on, I did not allow it to upset me, instead observed myself and if I felt annoyed did some silent inner work on Loving and Accepting. It was as if the loud sound did not exist, in this way the client did not notice it. Working with this energy in the most Loving way I could I was coming from the Divine in me, and honouring the Divine in the neighbours, without buying into their Fear. It took about six weeks of my inner work for it to heal. By then the music had completely stopped, the wife was no longer getting bashed, their garden was cleaned up and the man planted vegetables and roses in his garden! What an amazing transformation, and by only one person choosing to love and accept without judgement. That was enough to free our neighbours to come from their own Divinity, and for me to do this I had to come from mine.



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