I am the Infinite Doorway Meditation


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17.30 minutes

Becoming your Earthsun Body to hold the higher light octaves and new paradigm energies you go through the doorway of your Heart and the Galactic Core.
Connecting to the Earth and all the grids, illuminating through you and the Earth, the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow. and the RA Light of the Suns awakening your cells RNA, DNA as you open to yourself as the Greater Central Sun in the Council of Light and move into the higher dimensional self and higher dimensional Solar System, connected through the one heart you  are here in loving service by Being.

Please see my Light Code Activation book to clear your Etheric Blueprint, activate your DNA and open to your body of Light. As well as  Diamond Light Worksbook, Living Light and the DVD Light Codes. Please read about the Suns and New Earth



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