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LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS BOOK A4 size 238 pages with 7 colour plates in PDF download

The Light Code Activations are catalysts of the new light codes we have opened too, as the Earth and all with her awakens the Sixth Dimensional self. Through the union of our Sun and the Inner Earth Sun within us, through the Heart and Soulight Chakras; the Earthsun Body is formed. Giving us our full Present Light Body, tuning folk of the Earths bodies through all of ours. We are our Body of Light, co creating the New Earth, one with the Crystalline Matrix of Light.
This original and new paradigm book has seven colour pages of the Chakra and Light Body mandalas and DNA Activation mandalas. With ‘Activation of the 64 Strands of DNA’, that awakens the Divine codings at the level of the Blue Light Body. The ‘Liquid Light Transmission of DNA’, 84 strands and beyond, as well as sound and light codes of ‘Transmuting DNA at Dense Structural Levels’, ‘Liquid Light Love Actualisation’ and ‘Integration of DNA Activation’.
As well as other mandalas, sound codes and vortex spirals of remembrance of the Source within and our multi-dimensional, multi-prismed essence, the holograms of our Love. Inner work with the Light Body, transmuting the Etheric Blueprint and Physical Immortality, Master of our Molecules. Awakening the new higher octave Chakras, for unification of the physical body with our Body of Light and Cosmic energy of all creation. Becoming clear and working through the Heart to hold the higher frequencies of our Divine Self and being our Body of Light. Awareness and attunement of the Kundalini, Serpent Wisdom, our Central Channel as well as the sexual energy and Tantra.
Soul Travel in our Light Body, Transmuting the Imprints of the collective consciousness and Clearing the Overlays, being in our body fully present. Purification through the Elements, as well as inner work to heighten our frequencies and become invisible.
With many Meditations, Visualisations and Activations from the inner planes. With steps to use the Activations and Meditations in a grounded way, to awaken gently and with ease and grace……


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