Mandala Set; Evenstar Mandalas


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SET OF 12 WITH FOLDER 22cm x 22cm with meditations, visualisations and affirmations.

The Evenstar Mandalas are working on twelve aspects of being, that are the foundation and basis for all our experience in a body on Earth. It does not matter how multi-dimensional or into the higher energies we think we are. These twelve aspects can never be superseded as they are part of our ongoing initiations in life on this planet. Each Mandala that is listed also has its’ Sound which can be used as well in a Light and Sound Activation. As well as positive affirmations, as well as suggestions of exercises, visualisations and meditations that are also working with healing and unifying the title of each Mandala. The twelve mandalas are for holistic wellbeing, the foundation of unity for all our expression. Each mandala has a different theme and each has its own patterning and colours that resonate in wholeness for balance and harmony.

The Twelve Mandalas are; VIEW THE SET
Co-creating, expressing my Creativity and being Abundant……Through being Grounded I express the Divine…….Promoting Healing and Rejuvenation. Peace…..Connecting to the peace and stillness within where all is manifest expresses Peace without. …..Oneness, No Duality. The sexual energies balanced. ….Being the Universal Flow. Surrendered to resistance and flowing with change……Connected to the Earth and Nature Spirits. Flowing peacefully with the changes of the Earths cycles…….Universal Truth and Wisdom expresses itself through the Clarity of my Being. ……Transcending Limitations. I am my Higher Self…….Unconditional Love and Acceptance, expressing my Joy……..Letting Go and Non-Attachment…….Centred in the Moment and Trusting.

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