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The 15 cards come in a Folder with a Booklet with information on each topic and affirmations and the sound codes of each mandala.

The Inner Pathway mandalas consist of fifteen mandalas that are catalysts to awaken your divinity in higher light octaves as you heal through love, acceptance and unity consciousness. Humanity is now ready for a great leap in consciousness and there are many who have already made the shift, or are in it, making a pathway to helping others. We become our multi-dimensional self in the physical body, we become our Light Body and operate through the Heart in service. We are free of fear, and so not trapped in the illusion of separation with all the limitations that it had set. By being aware of these aspects of self and loving them we become unified and clear in other worlds, and dimensions that were blocked.
These higher dimensional and multi-dimensional aspects are now important as we expand our awareness to encompass all of our self, on all levels and planes. We realise as above as below, so what is happening too us in these higher frequency aspects of self is also happening to us here. The inner and the outer are one, all our multi-dimensional and higher octaves of self are from our connection to the inner, the source within, what is within and without are One. Once we unify these energies we not only heal and become whole, but open up to our divine presence and Light Body.
Each mandala also comes with its’ Sound which can be used as well in a Light and Sound Activation.

The Inner Pathway Mandalas are; VIEW THE SET
The Cosmic Time Clock. ….The Central Sun. ….Re-Awakening. …..Remembrance of our Origins. …..Aligned and Fearless. …..Out of Destruction and into the New Creation. ….Drawing back all our Fragments. ……Doorway of the Sun ……Lightbody Integration. …..Embodiment of Higher Dimensional Aspects. ……Out of Illusion. …..Resolution of Duality. ……Serpent Wisdom ……Template of Liquid Light Transmission of DNA …….The Second Sun, Doorway to the New Earth

Please Inquire if you do not want the whole set but one or more single mandalas,
SINGLE MANDALAS A4 $15 each plus post

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