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Out of the Loop


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by Soluntra King




The Looper and the Looped are one.
You go on an inner journey to love the hidden saboteurs and aspects in you that are blocking you from being fully present and injoying your life. This could be from really heavy dark aspects, the very cunning trickster, subtle and unconscious programs. These aspect and programs will be exposed, and so able to open up to your love.
Transmuting all sorts of astral hooks, cords, implants, negative energies
that you have become entangled in.

The MP3 is focused on getting out of the loop, you may still need to deal with some implants, vows, curses demons, entities separately, but this is the basis for transmuting all of these limitations and illusions of self.

Once you stop looping you can easily embrace and heal other yourselves in need of your love, psychic attachments and earthly and cosmic karmas.
Taking full responsibility for self is the only way to step off the wheel which is also part of the MP3.

This MP3 maybe all you need to really shift into who you are, you will know, or when you have transmuted the looping, then you might wish to utilise some of the other Inner Healing MP3’s

The MP3 is a guided inner awareness and awakening, inner love and acceptance, and aligning all your bodies, one Body of Light, aligned into divine will and plan, surrendered and at peace.

It has light codes and language to shift, transmute, transform and transfigure.

I also recommend you get the DIVINE BLUEPRINT MP3 to use after to even more reinforce your divinity.


It is 47 mins.45 sec
There is a full on inner planes healing session and can be used once or daily until you feel free to BE, and no longer stuck.


Have the cosmic time clock mandala ready to use near the end. As a catalyst to be fully in the universe flow and out of the loop.

At 36mins 30 sec opening to the universal flow, eternal flow.

At 38.15 looking at the Cosmic Time Clock mandala.

Please see PDF for the mandala  and seen here.


Copyright © 1996, 2003, 2006, 2017  Soluntra King
PO BOX 11 Whakatane 318 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
In order to be Out of the Loop means integrity,
please buy this MP3 & PDF


The Crystalline body can shine. The looping program you put into your matrix Crystalline Body
in the last great shift, after Atlantis went down, to stop you losing your original codes from the Stargate you came through. Now it’s not needed, it constricts your solar plexus and digestion. It is transmuted in the transmission of the Crystalline Body Earth Star Essence and immersed in liquid Rose Quartz. Glowing and shining through your bowels and bodies. Out of the loop from this program, your Crystalline Body flows.

One with the Central Sun, holder of the Living Library of Light.
Out of the loop of failure, self-sabotage from the collapse of the Lemurian golden solar disc codes. To remember your divinity and that your light creates life, your love creates the New Earth and paradigm.

Dearest Soluntra, the loopy pattern meditation for me is the most powerful and life changing healing tool. Please please send it out into the world, I am very sure so many have similar struggles as me. Lots of Love H UK

Thank you for the looping patterns audio…I have been listening every day & it has been bringing up heaps of stuff …& understandings! Thank you once again. Love & Blessings A, SE Qld, Aust.

Dear Soluntra,Blessings & thank you for the Looping patterns audio. I have listened & felt the light language was very powerful & amazing. Thank you once again, for all of your help & for the wonderful looping audio! Love J, NSW Aust.

We have just completed the mp3 on out of the loop. It was very powerful and enlightening on all levels. Oh my goodness, that is exactly what has been bugging me. I keep thinking and wondering why are the experiences in my life continuously repeating, its like a never ending story.

No matter what i do, stuff just keeps happening. So much guilt and pain came up for me, at all the games I played. I chose to love and accept everything, and I felt a huge shift within me. I stopped blaming myself and others. I was truly realizing and internalizing that all these are just experiences. Painful or silly as it was, all experiences. I saw myself at the start of it all, programming all kinds of stuff. To test also how much i could withstand, and really double programmed so that each time something was resolved, another conflict or experience would come up to take its place. And it would happen faster and faster to see what my limits were. Haha I must have been a mad scientist. Then it all went out of control. You put in so much love and energies into this mp3. Thank you so very much.

G felt the truth too as he listened to the mp3. He says it was very powerful and he felt so much energies. He feels like a different person. He sees the loops he’s been placing on certain areas of his life. We will continue to listen to the mp3 till the loops have all been broken. Lots of love, K and G Singapore

For my entire life, I felt this oppressing energy that nothing was ever going to change, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. After doing the looping pattern mp3 last night, I felt a huge major shift this morning. I woke up feeling totally different. There was a fear, a thought form that i was so used to. But this time, I had the will and strength to breathe love and acceptance into the fear and it disappeared.
And it hasn’t come back at all.  I still have my issues to work through of course. But its really different, now i can pinpoint and focus on what’s not balanced and actually do the exercises and meditations to heal and clear them.
This really helps me now as most of the time I am in so much pain from all types of weird wounds or injuries that its really difficult to do anything, much less focus into healing and helping myself.
Before there was something really strong that hindered me from believing I could overcome my problems and issues.
Every time i did the exercise/ meditations before, I could not focus or understand, could not get anywhere even after continuous work.
Today I am walking with an extra spring in my steps, almost floating. All the stuff is still there, waiting for me to work on.
But in my heart, I know for a fact that I’m getting there :0)) I am awakening to who I am.
I also have the inner strength and knowing that everything is unfolding.
I found peace within, I’m taking great pleasure in my life now.
Breathing love acceptance into all the guilt I had over not working.
Took me only a short while to do this.
It’s like a huge load of chains have been lifted off me. I feel so beautiful, loving and strong.
I feel worthy of love, to love and be loved.
Most important is I finally feel in my being and heart i am worthy to receive love and to be loved.
I have always lived with the belief that I am not worthy of love, that i have to do anything and everything to people ask from me if i wanted to be loved, that I has to please others.
It’s not right or wrong, but it is so empowering and beautiful to feel in my heart that I deserve to be loved exactly for who I am :0))) I am so happy, happy that you can see me dancing and twirling :0)) Blessing and love K Melbourne

The results and changes for everyone will be different. For me it is truly life changing and dramatic because of all the crap and hell I have put myself through.  I came very close to giving up on everything. No one will understand this better than you because you have seen my heart, my everything. In fact, the looping pattern meditation has found a very special place  in my heart. I call it the loopy pattern. Of course I am not pleased with the havoc and pain from the loopy pattern, but it has a huge part in helping me into the person I am. All this beautiful changes came from only one time listening to the looping pattern meditation. I intend to do it regularly, until all the loopy turn into divine love and oneness. You can already sense the shift within me. I look forward to discovering me, to enjoying me life as it is, no more stressing and thinking about what i am supposed to do for my spiritual work. It will all fall into place. love C New York

Dear Soluntra,THANK YOU (: Just listened to the first 20secs and I’m going watery ~ how wonderful. Your Voice is truly Divine in Action. I am so grateful You and I are on this journey together. with Love & Increasing Light (: C, Melbourne Aust.

Hi Soluntra,Bless YOU. I Have Now Gone Through My First Intentioned Application. It Took Me To A Deeply Graceful Magnificent Place. Gratitude for the Work That You have Dedicated Yourself to. I Am So Glad I Followed My Knowing and Intuition. Love and Grace. J, Queensland Aust

Thank you Soluntra  I’ve done the meditation twice today and the light language moved things around. Wow do these dark ones have creativity huh : So I will keep doing it until everyone stops feeling violent, lonely and separate from divine love. With love and gratitude, xxxx S, France

Dear Soluntra,J has just been telling me how wonderful the new “Out of the Loop” MP3 is, so he is recommending it for me, D Queensland Aust



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