Stargate Solstice Journey


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A4 50 colour pages photos mandalas


  For the June Solstice 2014, June 7th to July 2nd
19 days in Ladakh 5 days in Kashmir

with Soluntra King
Stargates, Teleporting with Stargates,
The Five Stargates, overview and participants experiences.

The first Stargate Opening in Scotland.

The Second Stargate Opening at Lake Taupo New Zealand
The Third Stargate opening at East Gippsland Australia.

This story takes you  on fourth Stagate Opening, the mutli-dimensional adventure and bigger picture union.
With coloured mandalas and many colour photos.
The whole booklet is 50 colour A4 pages, with 46 pages of story.

Arriving in Delhi by the 7th June and flying to Leh the capital of Ladakh on the 8th June. Exploring Leh and all the sacred monasteries; including where Christ visited, reconnecting to the Golden Buddha within and our Gold Body of Light. The Golden Solar Disc from the First Cycle at Thiksey and the Golden Buddha at Shey Monastery. Also visiting Stok, Hemis and then travelling over the highest motor pass on the planet and down into the magic Nubra Valley,
valley of the flowers with hot springs and powerful vortexes.
Sagittarius Full Moon we will be at the convergence of the rivers and dimensional doorway, where on theTenth Gate 11.11 in June 2007 the Star Alignment of Prior and Posterior in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer which is opposite Orion in the heavens anchored. This time we need to be there for two star alignments that will be anchored in the sacred valley and New Earth.
The brightest stars in Lyra, and Eridani; Wega and Achernar.
Then returning to Leh for a night and next travelling to the sacred lakes of Tsmororiri and Tsokar, part of Rama. With hot springs and magnificent scenery
to enjoy the higher frequency energies and inner work in the Diamond Light as we prepare and then experience the Solstice and Stargate Opening at Lake Tsmororiri.
Returning back to Leh, we
then drive into the first part of the amazing mountain road to Lamayuru monastery and dimensional tunnels into Shamballa staying the night and continuing on the next day across the stunning mountains to Srinagar in Kashmir. Across the roof top of the world and leave the part of Tibet that has been left to flourish, and into the lush valleys mountain rivers and lakes and place of many dimensional overlays of Kashmir, staying at Kargil for the night via the Maitreya statue and vortex. Arriving at the end of our mountain journey in the paradise of the Kashmir Valley.
Staying on Houseboats on the peaceful Nageen Lake, Srinagar and visiting Jesus’ Tomb in the old city for blessings and Light downloads and uploads of the new energies. As well as working with the Living Library of Light anchored at Manasal Lake and enjoying the beautiful waterways, gardens and floating gardens of this sacred place of Heaven on Earth.

Through the new Solar System we are being downloaded with new star energies,
as we awaken to the star that we are.
Experiencing the new stars and alignment of the
Suns through the
Galactic Centre,
through the centre of you and your cells all one.
Embodying more fully your Divine Blueprint and mastering your molecules, the 
Multi-dimensional prisms of light that dance in sheer delight through your love and Being in awakened and unified consciousness.

As we connect to the Serpent Wisdom and the Dragon energy is moving under the land and opening up the portals to the stars as we experience Earth Star union, Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter one as the dimensional divisions melt into the golden light of love.
Experiencing our new light body and lightcodes as we open to a whole new world fully present in our bodies and lives right here, right now.
Awakening the DNA light codes and cellular memory to be the Star that you are more fully.
Cleansing your etheric, emotional and lower mental bodies from love and the higher vibrational aspects of you and the higher light frequencies.
Clarity of your Being and presence here on Earth. Communicating from your heart and inner light.

I look forward to seeing you at this time for the Stargate shift in consciousness and anchoring of the higher dimensions into the Earth plane through our love and bodies.
In this amazing time together we will be working with new Light codes from the Stargates and Star Temples, as well as the divine energies of the New Stars that are now coming through from the shift into the New Solar System.

There will be new mandalas and codings that have only been able to be anchored and grounded on Earth recently, opening up to the Star that you are.
Our Starlight Body is being woven through our denser fabrics of creation and creating pathways of starlight to glow through our cells and Being. Giving us greater integration in our Multi-Dimensional bodies and transmuting limiting destructive thought patterns that have blocked the lower astral planes, as we utilise our power of love and see the Earth and everyone as whole and healed.

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