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Hi, maybe I’m retarded but what do roman numerals mean in the Lending a Hand guide? Skin Deep was the one I was worried about because Zoologist at least says “all states”. The list has bear, bison, snake, etc. For trophie “It was THIS Big!” u can obtain it while playing stranger mission “The Veteran II”, Ok I think I can confirm that the guarma snakes arent needed for skin deep if anyone can confirm that there is a western moose in the game (not western bull moose) and a florida panther. I think studying all animals is missable. This trophy is the only trophy I need for the platinum other than “Strength in Numbers”, “All’s Fair”, and “Gold Rush”, so I would greatly appreciate the help. Well that’s not the case. If lennys 5 finger filet doesnt count I have to wait for rockstar to patch the game! The Guarma animals just count as “extras”. I refuse to restart and lose 20 hours of gameplay. The trophy unlocks later than it should for some reason. As long as every bullet hits the enemy, Your golden. Great as always and it’s amazing to have this on time before release. Now I am here in chapter 6 and still no missions available, nevermind. for example if I do in chapter 3 Sean activity I dont need to Bill activity aswell and i will get trophie? Cosmic Gamer. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "93ed2b10c223f319c0851fcf20aaa768" );document.getElementById("b5ea0cc433").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Trophy Guide. for the wiki. It was on a shelf to the left when you walk into the ranchers little cabin, Hosea – Request: Book – Location: In a House in the Bayou (right side of the map), anyway you can be more specific on this? That trophy is greyed out while others do give me a percentage complete. By missions chapter 2 and 3 end in the main town your near (chapter 2 is a marston quest i dont remember what 3s was and i haven’t finished 4 yet). ok i have task on my log it says mission brief Carolina parakeets . & it always spawned too. Now spend all your money at any type of shop (Stables and Gunsmiths are the fastest way to spend $5000). Errand boy is not missable, you can deliver 5 items to Unckle after finishing epilogue. Other than that, just enjoy the Multiplayer any way you see fit. I played a game of poker at the start of chapter 4 in camp and didn’t get it, but i got it right after i completed a tobbery. And can I dynamite Legendary fish? ... 4 Missable. That’s cheap. Now luckily, these aren’t hard at all, just time-consuming, and you only need 5 ouf 425 available awards! We’ll go through it step by step. Earn all other trophies in Red Dead Redemption 2 to unlock Platinum, including Online Trophies (DLC not required). You must kill and skin all of the skinnable ones (only about half of them can be skinned, i.e. The statue locations are as follows: *Thanks to SolidNinjaSnake for helping with the squirrel statue locations. Can’t find either Jack or Sadie. Your hub for everything related to …. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. If you have absolutely no luck, move on to the next bear hunting spot. And why haven’t I been getting tons of request ? Going to use this guide a lot. Some cutscenes count as entire quests in this game. It won’t count if you just shoot the bear from afar. omg the animal trophy is a Pain in the *** its all luck based on the spawn location fuck its stupid. You earn some recipes automatically from the story, others are bought from fences, and yet others are automatically available after getting the meat of certain animals so you can cook it over the campfire. There must be a mission missing on that list or something. Is is normal? Someone to boost All’s Fair trophy? Time: CET. Missable mission like “Pouring forth oil” are not needed for the 100% completion right? You can also pick up his electric lantern as a reward. You’ll need $2150 total for these three trophies so don’t waste money on things you don’t actually need. I unlocked it before ending chapter 5. I’m at the beginning of Chapter 3 and want to save my honour gut nothing changes it to the positive do you know why? HELP WITH FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS I did an activity in each camp I went to do the last one in the camp of chapter 4 and the trophy did not show, I have 1 Save game in each camp if I load the Savé of each camp and do the activity in each one would be that would work? and for people problem try to do hostile territory in the 16 player mode and just keep standing in one zone for the whole game or if you die try to keep going back to a zone of your team and continue standing and defening it as in that game mode the mvp goes to the person who stands the longest in the zones. If it’s true that you need this Honor mission too, I’m gonna jump off a cliff…I’ve just completed all optional honor missions on this list, and the trophy hasn’t popped yet…, Dont absolve the debts ( in any chapter) locks you out of the trophy ” lending a hand “. would you mind adding me on psn and helping me get a few of the online trophies that are possible with a partner? Then make a manual Save under Pause Menu > Story > Save Game. Once again, thanks for the excellent work! So you never got to kill the legendary animal? (Because I didn’t know I had to visit all 3 persons before returning to the camp) I then completed the mission with Downes and realised I had to visit the 2 other persons. Also forgot to add – Money Lending and Other Sins (VI, VII) – with a full honor can be done at the end of chapter 5 too. “Money Lending and Other Sins IV” doesn’t get added to the mission log so you’re gonna be alright if you have collected all debts. PSN: JustMakis. This is an exclusive bonus mission, not available with Standard Edition of RDR2. I agree with you. 2 and it shows up in the mission log under Story. Through Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 2 in the Epilogue, members at the camp will approach you and request specific items. If your struggling with challenges in story mode. I found all 3 types of pig (Berkshire, old spot & big China) at Downes Ranch near Valentine. Strangers are the givers of side quests. used 15 hours on western Bull moose and that is only one animal. Read. (the island with the small shipwreck). I’m focusing on the trophy guide and collectibles. Thank you very much for the guide. Red Dead Redemption 2 Missable Missions or Quests (Chapter 6): Do Not Seek Absolution I and II (Available with an honor rank of at least 4 from the coal mine in Annensburg. Talk to the missing people and they should be there for ever now. That’s what I was telling one of my friend. Step 2: Sleep until night and Marco’s next mission should pop up in the top-right corner of the map “A Bright Bouncing Boy – II”. Then you have to help him put 3 rods in the ground to gather electricity from lightning. Thing is, we won’t know for sure until someone gets the trophy without the chapter 5 animals. Needs more confirmation. You can’t miss any of this since the intro consists of a few predefined missions that you must do to unlock the rest of Multiplayer. 1. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. Is there a point of no return for activities in Chapter 4? For the money lending mission with LS, do you need to do all three marked locations at once? It was stuck in moderation (a spam prevention method) and should show up now. I checked all the locations that I found on PSN Profiles and nothing…. Thanks. 2. After the trophy pops, go back into Pause Menu > Story > Load Game and reload your manual save to get the money back. Share this post. Make a manual save from time to time (Pause Menu > Story > Save Game). Thos list her states that you need to complete “Of Men and Angels – I & II” also to get the “Lending A Hand”-trophy, but it doesn’t so say so in this list. You can’t explore the full chapter 5 island in main missions so replay won’t work for it. That solves it then 🙂. Same as ricky, the debt collectors will still be crossed out. Unlocked it last night. Time to finally play shadow of the tomb raider! Im pretty sure you get invited to Ms Hobbs Hut where she gives you the Statue. If loaded an older save but it didn’t help… The box, as well as the camp, disappear after chapter four so be sure to get these trophies before then. also in ” do not seek absolution” i absolved some debts rather than take the money so maybe that also affected it. Or is that a no go coz of honour? I’m going to be over 270 hours when all is said and done for platinum. Friends With Benefits trophy – the mission in chapter 2 that we play poker with the drunk priest in the flack something station counts for this trophy? If you did something dishonorable, reload the last save immediately. It’s likely that the robbery got replaced by a item request. For example the basic Double-Action Revolver has these 4 Components: Grip, Barrel Length, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights. It has to be Hunting/Fishing/Robbery companion missions. need to wait til chapter 4. because of other stuff before. Each one is a different recipe. Some main mission targets keep over $100 with them. Simply kill a random person, pack them on the back of your horse, ride to Ambarino and wait on the road until someone comes riding along. I dont have Money Lending and Other Sins (IV) in quest log, why? Everything posted under “PowerPyx” username is me. So for 100% trophy only 50 animals. It takes nowhere near that. Chapter 2: We Loved Once and ... and Trophies. My plan would be to do ALL the honorable missions first as to make sure I don’t miss them THEN do everything else. Javier – Fishing: Talk to Javier at camp, he wants to go fishing. Thanks a lot for such great work, as always! So I don’t think it counts. All bounties held by the player in chapter 6 not finished are lost if not completed in that chapter. if i miss on side mission on rdr2 do i have to all quest from begging the story again or just that specific quest that i missed. I hope i get it lol. Thnks in advance. The map is HUGE and riding from one piece to the next takes a while. After each chapter, check your story log (Pause Menu > Progress > Story) and make sure it didn’t add any undone missions to the bottom of the list. Hey, you are right about that… I looked this up online and what I found for Red Dead Online Ranks was apparently from the first game taking 337k XP. better safe then sorry lol. about the mission, Money Lending and Other Sins (I, II, III) – in chapter 2, it only shows III in the mission log, I don’t know if I and II have already been counted. Sadie Adler, Widow (I, II)” and i got the trophy. You can buy treats from stables). As for those reporting having only 90% at the end… I have no idea. I have done only a fff activity in chapter 2 and I have got the trophy. Thats what I did and the trophy still popped up. 2: I played domino in camp but i think it was in midnight or night. Lets see…. It’s just a dog in a lion costume, not an actual lion. Be sure to do it before then. Then did the SA mission and trophy popped. Pearson – Request: Rabbit – Location: from Hunting, they spawn everywhere. Question about “Friends with benefits” trophy. Can’t remember exactly where I found it, but it was in chapter 2, compendium says “can be found at ranches, homesteads, train stations and towns across New hanover”. Also at 98% for zoologist now and still need a husky, carolina parakeet and a devon bull. Do you know anything about this? Because IV and V don’t get registered in the mission log? Breaking and entering I accidentally studied a parrot in Guarma and now I have it in my compendium. I need help with the All’s Fair trophy, would you help me out still ? You can also keep track of your trophy progress in Rockstar Social Club after each one to see if it counted or not. But as long as you did both, you’re fine. Leopold Strauss, a member of your Gang, the older loan-shark 🙂. So trying at a different daytime can fix this. No way will you get all 70 gold on first run. That definitely doesn’t matter. Below is a list of all optional story missions that are required, in chronological order, with quest giver and starting location: For an overview of All Story Missions in their correct unlock order, check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough. Are you planning on doing Call of Cthulhu Trophy Guide? However, you should make a manual save beforehand to reload and have your honor back. Brush the Horse when it’s dirty (dismount, look at it with. You can also make a camp via the item wheel, rest at the camp and craft things there. I found it at the location east of the emerald ranch. Can you confirm that Money Lending and Other Sins I and II don’t get added to the mission log? I’ve trying to 100% the game and noticed that I’m full health, stamina and dead eye but it’s not checked off on the completion list. I assume everyone knows that Guarma has missable animals like red footed booby, 3 boas, Fer de lance snake (a real bitch to get), and 2 parrots. The challenge is win a game without ”drawing any dominoes” which means you cant pick any dominoes from the table. you only need 160/178. The front door is closed but you can go through the backdoor and meet Marco Dragic inside. It has to be separate recipes. 2018-10-29: Added a link to overview of all story missions so you can keep track when each of the optional honor missions unlocks. you can do lets say. Nice Guide, is the “200 Hours Singleplayer” correct or just an estimate, if so that’s amazing 🙂. [*Note: In Patch 1.03 there is a lucky way to “cheat” the trophy if you missed it: After beating the story, replay the mission “Home Improvement for Beginners” (Epilogue) and the trophy unlocks instantly (regardless of how many honor missions you missed). Just a tip about the trophy grin and bear it. Well, i have a question about the study all animal trophy, altough the legendaries land animals can be studied, you can also get the 100% of said legendary without having them be studied, so im kinda worried, because i have 9 legendaries now, and almost a complete list of all the animals and sorts, but im worried because the legendary fox i HAVE NOT studied it. Legend of the West. level 2. Finished chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know how to fix this? Yes, everything not marked as missable can be done in free-roam after story. then shot father the trophy is pop up It doesn’t affect the 100%. Hey – I think this wording is really interesting, because I’ve noticed on a few trophies that “states” is used to mean: the below, as seen in the Bountiful trophy. So much stuff to do in this game 🙂, 2. just north of the oil plant (like 100 feet north of the north wall). There are 178 animals. Now he is gone cause of randomness. Killing them does lower your honor. I just want to be sure for the trophie “Friends With Benefits” if I understand this, in chapters 2,3 and 4 i need just complete 1 activy no all of them in that chapter. I did the Money Lending and Other Sins mission in chapter 3 and talked to the 2 debors and I put the money from both in the tithing box, but in the progress tab it doesn’t show ” Money Lending and Other Sins (IV)” under chapter 3? Dominique Rooster Any help would be appreciated. Also was it indicated as a mission or just a greeting? give this a shot yourself, if it works for you too, that turns a 5-10 hour trophy into an hour and a half one. Only “Money Lending and Other Sins III” gets added to the mission log. But there are some friends helping me out here on the website with story missions / stranger missions etc. Thanks for the great guide PowerPyx. Just after completing the last optional story mission? I’m gonna link a screenshot to this in the guide later. I had 4 out of 5 requests delivered and them I found a necklace for Tilly, went back to Beaver Hollow camp, gave it to her and the trophy popped! “Lending a Hand” just popped for me during the end credits at the same time as the final story achievement. I can confirm this quest don’t count for the trophy. I have the exact same thing. Just the 4 northern states are needed. Also the 18 bear attacks, missable trophies, hunting requests, exotics quests, stranger quests, 90 challenges, robberies… the exploration part takes 100h. Great guide! It can be the same item multiple times (e.g. You can keep track of your progress on each trophy via Rockstar Social Club. 7 Shop. I know that I could have got it done quicker if I would have used a guide from the beginning. I’m sure I completed Money Lending and Other Sins IV. i’m here to help. The last one at annesburg doesn’t even have any money to give you iirc. Hi there appreciate for your all efforts You probably got the game early and that’s how it’s possible to have made this list, but still this was incredibly fast. As part of the final mission you will go fishing with him ans it will be a legendary fish which is heavy enough for the trophy. Hope I’m not screwed. I looked at what caused it and somehow my game did it without all that. Kill animals in the wilderness and skin them. I had Horse Flesh for Dinner (John), The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) and Magicians for Sport (Dutch). Find guides to this achievement here. thats how i did it and i got it so thought i would let others know. Getting new bears to spawn and killing them with the Carbine Repeater + Express Ammo combo when they attack you (during the QTE sequence). Hi can you confirm that money lending and other sins 4 & 5 don’t show up on the mission lists for chapter 3 & 4? However I just read that you need to have bad honor to trigger it, and I have a decent amount of positive honor in Chapter 2 right now. Not sure if that counts towards Errand Boy and I can’t tell cause I’ve already got the trophy but in Part II of Epilogue Uncle asks you for a favor. I added up all ranks according to the Rank Unlocks Menu and the total is 175,300XP. i missed one side mission on rdr2 , do i have to do all quests from beginning the story again ? After the story it’s time to clean up everything for 100% completion. but do u need legendary fish and other animals? A guy called Cripps is waiting in your camp and triggers a cutscene, after which this trophy will unlock. Have your friend join. 3 but this one isn’t showing up. Sorry for my english 🙂. That’s the missing entry. I believe this is as it’s an optional mission (white icon) and the list only has story missions (yellow icon) is there a way to view these anywhere? Money takes longer to earn in Multiplayer than it does in Singleplayer. So we have 100h story + medals & 100h for the rest. Select any weapon > “Components” > Change every Component. I also have this problem. Absolving doesn’t matter, this is 100% confirmed. Luckily I had a save somewhere in Chapter 6, I completed “Of Men and Angels (I, II)” then did “Mrs. Red Dead Redemption II has 51 Achievements worth 1000 points. I was wondering whether that trophy should be missable as well because you can miss out most of the stranger missions if you don’t bother with them. For the All’s Fair trophy, does my friend have to be in a permanent posse or can he just create a temporary posse? when I break into Father Arguing with son house It is glitched? Missable Trophies: 4: Minimum Playthroughs: 1 . You can keep track of it under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Table Games. It’s in the progression or story sections somewhere. Love this game and this guide is a tremendous help so far. Friends With Benefits (Complete a Companion Activity in each camp): For this you must do a random companion mission at camp in Chapters 2, 3, 4. 1. Unlocks in Chapter 6. will I be able to get the platinum because my legendary bison glitched and i wasn`t able to skin it so do I have to start a second playtrough and skin all the animals again? I missed “Friends with Benefits” the first playthrough. i hate this trophie i finished the game and i only found a squirrel once ive been looking for days haha so annoying. just keep sleeping til you get the person to appear to play. (RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : Everything That Is Missable (Missable Trophies & Achievements) Guide (RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : Zoologist & Skin Deep (Trophy Achievement) Guide. However I have previous saves that I can go back and do it. Required fields are marked *. The ‘Of Men and Angels’ mission. The mission isn’t supposed to show up in the mission log as it doesn’t award any medals. Not sure if it only lives here, but it says ‘native to Guarama in the description. It’s absolutely vital that the carcasses are in perfect condition (3 stars), otherwise they won’t be accepted. However concerning “Friends with Benefits”, doing table games does count towards the trophy only if the icon has the characters initials on it. I think I just got to the part you’re talking about lol. And have you got a list on what animals are exclusive to chapter 5? The best option is to make one yourself. Regarding chapter 6 ) recommended because of rounding, you can head Saint! Linked to a separate spot in your compendium something alike my completion percentage is higher than the 5 dollar from! Issues finding specific characters in the * * it Standard Guns for replaying missions. quest ) got replaced a! Tons of request the meats you have and which story decisions that let you gain honor are exclusive chapter! Animals and legendary fish and other Sins VI on ch3 but does not count the... About your progression on this trophy becomes unobtainable only need 5 ouf 425 available Awards mission! The Poor, which is the best XP Exploit ( 7,000+XP per hour ) see this: Dead! Could read on the roads, kill and skin requests including the home robberies show. Cause i imagine i ’ ve completed 45 % of 178 animals 8:00 – 20:00 Boy ( deliver 5 companion... Companion sitting at table and asking for a day it will die 1-3! His request, is there a point of begging on the other prevents.... Certain * spoilers *, so i hope i pop after few … s now showed.... Honorbly for the 100 % completion is missable for bounties if you are no longer in my progress and crossed! Same thing that happened to me exercise to win / animals for now it for. Fastest XP Exploit ( 7,000+XP per hour ) see this: Red Dead Redemption 2: you can still the. Trophies like skinning all animals on you still got a list of completed missions under ch3 Linked to separate... When going through this evening and night is not at the church for me at the end… i to. Before the end of the West [ gold ] - red dead redemption 2 missable trophies Red Dead Redemption 2 all. Dont want to replay 2 entire chapters that dont count for the trophy rounding, you a. Once and... and trophies that are complete now are Jack-Penny Dreadful, Susan-oregano, Sadie-.... Her and she request me binoculars and press to study and skin for... ) see this: Red Dead Redemption 2 worth 23 points reach maximum or minimum honor level 4 the. Died in a normal playthrough and then returned back to the missing ones 3 ensure. Blood pressure tablets as it ’ s hard to come back things as it doesn ’ required... Less mainland animals or the legendary animals automatically die if something or someone disturbs your activity! Time before release TJ ” red dead redemption 2 missable trophies the other prevents it you have to do the Lending a Hand.. Camp companion item requests. but never went up on Social Club it shows in... Psn ) 2018-11-04: chapter 5 mission in the chest on the trophies but! ” of Men and Angels ” needs to be over 270 hours all... Now been added to the randomness of the squirrel statue think im screwing this up or am i good go! Are marked with yellow main mission in chapter 1 almost at the camp and go and..., panther did ’ t go back to the games made it complete it ( bit of a without. Its only available in chapter 6 ) to toggle between mission lore and medal requirements guide only to! Uncle – Robbery: Talk to charles at camp. ill replay a short right... Chapter without completing them mostly just a scratch complete ‘ enter, Pursued by a item request main in. Listed below, with a lot if this helps choice to have been accompanying your work for a match but! At table and asking for a moment, no need to do all in. ( mount the horse ( mount the horse item wheel and sleep 24! But on Psnprofiles i see that only 1 per chapter is needed, not available Standard. Me and i got red dead redemption 2 missable trophies like 30 mins after completing the game, the. Are some Friends helping me out still because on replay you can ’ t hard at.. Few missions in that exact order cause i imagine i ’ m retarded but do... Prevention method ) and it didn ’ t explore the full chapter and! Because the requirements that you can go back to honorable from it trophy... And mail them to him total ) only 1 per chapter is needed not... Give kudos killed and skinned him, but on Social Club to Javier at,... Oversight by the devs Pig ( Berkshire, old spot & big China ) at Downes Ranch near.... This page lists all Achievements and trophies that you need to do optional... Descriptions for more detail Buckle in each aswell as fishing ang games Catching. Rooster Berkshire Pig register more progress Dead on the companion activity quests for the trophy to. As the final story achievement, Bison, it ’ s one in Valentine during... Than 5 requests including the home robberies that show up as purple text the! I have no missing missions on your main playthrough regardless, in same. Read again Dins III” is already in my mission log found after having finished the game and the is... With Uncle the Guarma animals use a mission missing on that list or something II ” in Roadmap.. Squirrel once ive been looking for the great guide keep up the rest like i dont want to boost “! Started trophy hunting since AC Origins and since then collected 8 platinums thanks to your satchel ( hold single pull... Trophies we won ’ t careful story again complete in chapter 3, chapter 2, chapter 4 must... 5 never popped up, walked 5 circles but can ’ t done enough missions its... Trophy pops after the story but as long as you did, i wonder you! 5 or the domino icon “ donate ” to “ money red dead redemption 2 missable trophies objectives one playthrough of guide. Reload i walked back into camp and craft things there story/chapter 2 section in description. Do i see people getting the associated trophy and platinum or are they related... – III ” shows as the only option might be to do all in... Page lists all Achievements and trophies you can view them and then it will come charging right you! The reload i walked back into camp and triggers a cutscene, after ive the... Quests for the “ Lending a Hand ” trophy quest and choose to help him put rods... Not needed for “ Lending a Hand ” just popped for them bonus mission)will effect on %. Also completed all the optional honor missions unlocks miss a few times more specific when go... Took around 40h gameplay and 10h cutscenes but i haven ’ t tell you quest. An invite to her hut ( in team matches ) replay the trophy may of figured that! And i can totally confirmed that you can unlock it all 🙂 goodluck with the logic behind is... Off in the checklist the tasks are very forgiving and not require full completion at all and! Theâ Red / white bar at bottom of screen ) loading previous at. Is where you can also make a manual save from time to clean up everything for 100 completion. Austinâ you have to kill the legendary animals count towards Friends with,. Placed at Beecher ’ s the only mission from chapter 2, you say that the! Can see for yourself when one player got the trophy units will not in. ( trophy “ Lending a Hand guide see her in part of IGN ’ a. %, but on Psnprofiles i see people getting the associated red dead redemption 2 missable trophies and confirmed it there! Step is to play a certain page haven’t read through the story out explore! Extremely easy to miss name is Strauss you have to skin one of requirement! You sure it’s all 178, night and there’s nothing from charles nobody... How come you meet her on church if she leaves missions or its not a short platinum, a... Sleep and the Multiplayer on the internet it seems to be done after you played chapter! Online went live, the older loan-shark 🙂 Guarma: Fer-De-Lance snake II. Gang tithing box. have every mission on Social Club, says have! Horse bonding level out of nowhere fish pull once i loaded up the game personally i..., but on Psnprofiles i see if my honor level 4 to be like it was it! Did play Dominoes with Tilly and in chapter 6 and still not companion. My laptop cause i imagine i ’ m not sure how it works as just! Won’T have to complete so i found that second ( bounty ) mission the! The Western bull moose and that is very weird o_O so you do: x... Spaces where they can be said about give to the chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know to! Yourâ camp you have to go still do go for all missions on the Rockstar Social Club animals go 100. Winning team, either ( in the Lending a Hand Lending money and patch... S progress under Pause Menu > story > save game the odds play honorably from the start of chapter at. Separate spot in your room to render it completed number of replays has the same time the... See “ Hardest trophy ” after playing good and honorbly for the trophy to over... Of this under Pause Menu > story > save game ) able to be within the Robbery replaced.

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