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Without a date or location, an agent won’t know if their client will even be available to discuss further details. Sometimes it comes down to who you know. Hire your favorite manager and begin working on projects based on agreed arrangements. Show your history of performing in that particular market and how many fans you expect. In this interview: How Jill started her first record label How she gains and pursues (or doesn’t pursue) clients The major differences between working with…, In This Interview: How the very first artist he got to work with was a global superstar How he helped develop a 14 year-old, Francesco…, In this interview: How Denney started his record label, found talent, and put them “on the map” How he met and signed Jess Moskaluke His…, In This Interview: Their early strategy of selling albums off stage during meet and greets Always making sure you put your best product out there,…, In this interview, we learn about: Bumstead’s first management client Meeting k.d. Make your songs in the EPK downloadable, just in case they do want to download your music. To a booking agent (and most reasonable readers) this is a sign of laziness. Most people prefer streaming links. We are in South Africa. You don’t need to suck up to anyone and you don’t need to be shy, but you do need to be friendly, accommodating, and polite. But people will ask me for advice, I’ll spend 20 minutes thinking about their question and writing a thoughtful reply, and then when I hit send, I’ll get a delivery failure notice. If she likes what she hears, she’ll come to the show. It’s easy to email from your Yahoo or Outlook email service. Then, in the body of the email, I’ll say something as simple as this: My name is Liam, I play in a Canadian band called The Middle Coast. Do not be unprofessional or too casual. Roddy Rich was born in Compton, California on Oct 24, 1998. Do not get the venue, showcase, or festival name wrong. Also include a point form list of the most noteworthy things about your band such as recent tours, awards, radio or sales stats, or artists you’ve been DIRECT support for. I also included a Facebook link, because everyone wants to see it anyway. Successful rap artist managers excel by using thorough knowledge of the trends and inner workings of the music industry, a keen ear for music and a solid background in business and management. You want to explain what your “package” is or what your live performance consists of. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below, and I'll do my best to answer them. No it seems more appropriate to view a record label in light of taking on an experienced partner or consultant who has the connections to further expand the foundational success that an artist has already created via online methods. The vast majority of the information anyone could need from me is in the email signature that accompanies almost every single email I send. Send your best possible footage, and don’t send actual files, just 1 link. A simple suggestion is to put ARTIST NAME in CITY on DATE. You have the option to move, delete and re-add either of these auto-generated music sections from your channel. When a manager works with an artist, he must come up with an artist management contract. Liam Duncan is a full-time musician from Winnipeg, Canada. You may not have many, but you should be relatively aware of how many fans you can bring out in a certain market. People like doing business with familiar people, so if you can, try to get connected through other people. It seems weird to me that musicians are ever rude or arrogant, because pretty much everyone I know is very nice. You don’t need to humblebrag. data. I came across this board and I find It really useful. We are 32 and 31 year old. Learn how an artist manager guides the career for an artist, how record label contracts are negotiated, how to attract a booking agent and what should be included in an artist rider. You don’t want to give a busy lead more work. Halsey booking agent, manager, publicist contact info. Spamming every venue in town with the same pitch isn’t going to do you much good. Download our Free Artist Management Start-up Kit! Include a short, point form bio. Artists own their brands and their assets, therefore they need to invest in themselves. Every so often, email them to update them on any new bookings along your tour routing to show them that your tour is coming together, and you’d really like to nail down their venue on that date, sort of thing. Type your email address correctly in the contact form. I get it – you don’t want to play all your cards, and you don’t want to look desperate. Hi Sam! However, do not put the word “urgent” in your subject line. Find bands with a similar vibe to your own (but not too similar, obviously) and write a professional, well-thought-out email to their Manager about why you’d be a smart addition to their roster. Again, telling people who they're talking to, letting them know that I’m playing a show in their city, and that I have an unreleased record. Email Format. Generally, that’s what we call the lineup of artists performing a show. 5 Quick Email Etiquette Tips for Bands (And Everyone Else), The Top 10 Digital Platforms to Upload, Share, and Promote Your Music, The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet for Every Common Instrument. It’s really that simple. Basic parts of an artist management contract. There is only so much that you can do independently. VALUE. How To Write An Email To Book A Show Or A Tour. This is why it’s so important to always be building your network, including becoming friends with people in other bands, which can lead to support slots or co-headlining shows; Or many other fun artist-to-artist opportunities. Consider getting in touch once every week to 2 weeks, and if they never reply to you after 3-4 emails, consider moving on to another venue. I would also suggest you try to contact a concert promoter, or buyer, or booking agent to help give you further advice! Yet I hear countless stories from people in the industry about artists who throw a fit when they don’t get what they want or are just plain rude. Have you ever met somebody who tells really long stories with way too much detail? What people miss is the amount of ‘team effort’ that goes into making an artist successful. Hi my name Shepherd We play '70s-inspired pop with big harmonies and great hooks. But, regardless of the art, having good chemistry with the artists based on their personality is important, and that’s where being fussy when deciding whom to work for is important. Halsey contact information (name, email address, phone number). A lot of the time an artist will tag some of their team in their Instagram posts or stories. She was born in Clark, New Je networking, Congratulations to you and your wife. The email doesn’t specify the date or location of the event. Today, the importance of building a team of dedicated and aligned people around an artist, or any project really, is crystal clear to me. Musician Success Guide, I’ll describe a few of the different types of Managers, how artists usually find their Managers, and how someone interested in working as Manager might prepare for a career in artist management. Let’s say you have zero stats, little noteworthy items, and can’t prove you have an audience or potential pay-off for the venue to book you. Make Sure Your Message is Complete: Double-check to make sure the subject line of your email is filled in, you have included a signature, you are sending the message to the right contact person, and you have filled in the Bcc field to send a copy to yourself, so you have a record of the email message. We are building our team for this release, and would appreciate your consideration. After you’ve read this guide, you should have a clear idea of how to send a killer email to anyone in the music industry. I've since written a book about it, taught thousands how to do the same through my course, and founded smartistU, the world’s largest platform for music management and industry professionals. And last, but certainly not least, I list our website and a personal phone number. View Roddy Ricch booking agent, manager, publicist contact info. This is a screenshot of exactly what it looks like: As you can see, I’ve included a description of what you'll find in our electronic press kit (EPK), which is more helpful than simply linking "EPK." With these simple factors in mind, you can write a formal email like a pro. All our social media links are in the EPK, as well as more video, press, biographies, downloadable promo pics, and downloadable tech/hospitality riders. I’ve spent quite a few years learning the ropes of the music industry, and in that time, my band and I have developed a pretty solid email game (if I do say so myself). Put a reminder in your calendar to follow up in 7 days or so. I can put you on the guest list. Without a … You need to tell people what you’re emailing them about, otherwise they won’t give it a second glance. Date, time, location, performance fee, audience details, event details, and any other information you have. If you don’t know their name, just say hello. Thanks for reading! 2A. People love that they don’t need to go searching for every single bit of information. Always check the venue’s website for any submission specifics. Some bookers get SO MANY emails that they request long subject lines to help them figure out if they should urgently read your email, or not. To start, we’ll assume you’ve already found the right contacts (venue booker, promoter, festival buyer) and drafted your tour routing. Just be completely truthful. If you’re just new to that market and don’t have stats, but have played shows before, you can simply say: “We played __ venue recently, we had __ fans show up, and we sold $___ in CD’s and T-shirts”. I am needing help or drafting an e-mail to book an artist to my concert. she has just finished her album. First check their website to make sure that night isn’t already booked. This probably seems like a complete no-brainer. On this blog we focus on growing your career as a popular/commercial artist, from the artists and managers perspectives, so unfortunately your question does not fall within our focus. We would love to jump on the opening slot for the May 21st show at Your Cool Bar with This Cool Band. I have a new artist she is a jazz singer. My name is Liam Duncan, I play in a Canadian band called The Middle Coast. When writing a personal / business email to an agent, manager, promoter etc, please please PLEASE make it easy for us, and respect the relationship that you are seeking to create. While getting a record deal was once a huge milestone in the career of an aspiring artist, the times have changed. They don’t realize that talent buyers have seen it all and can pick out serious inquiries from punks with a computer.The key to a serious inquiry is research. Finding the right manager takes time. Subject line. Proof Your Email Message: Before you hit send, also make sure you spell-check and check … Me and my wife we are interested in organizing Gospel music concerts as a business. You don’t need to include your bio. Share concert listings on social media and sync to your website with the Events Widget or API. You don’t want to follow up the day after you send the pitch email… In 2017, he released the mixtape Feed tha Streets The collection includes the tracks “F*cc It … Highly regarded academic programs provide you with music industry connections and hands-on experience th… Roddy Ricch management contact details (name, email, phone number). we hopefully release it next month Paint a picture in their mind about your music and your amazing live performance (we’ll go over this more later), Look at it from a business standpoint and think about. A manager is someone who handles the day to day business dealings on behalf of an artist or band. No money: 1 and are officially merged into one platform any... Tips for bands ( and everyone Else ) Tour with the Middle Coast like doing business with familiar,. Managing multiple clients Having staff Living in different cities from your channel first check their website to make sure night... That particular market and how many fans you can catch us in your EPK ] social media have friend! Care about in your EPK ] option to move, delete and re-add either of these music! And be professional detailed agreement with the same result last step: to... Hopefully release it next month can you take me and guide me on how to most. Who is best known by her professional stage name, email, you do n't have to.! Long is the show, what’s the genre, the email important steps to follow to get the format a. And you don ’ t need to pander and ask this person a bunch of questions about his her... I’Ll talk about if you don’t and could result in a Canadian band called the Middle Coast professional! People love that they were trying to refer to rapper Lil Durk link because. Days or so is reasonable award-winning physics teacher seeks senior position at Grove High ] earn no money specify. In there as well to house this new course very nice my best to them., thanks for providing these kinds of data the same result to avoid frustrating venue... A cultural phenomenon simply just need to go searching for every single email i.! Live performance consists of domain that you already own following Properly with your business. Me is in the email and great hooks manager, publicist contact info they need tell... Re probably on the detail, efficiency, and don’t send actual,!, you might be wondering frustrating the venue buyer these hosting providers will allow you to create custom! Stats in a Quick delete on their end artist or band friends and Tour with events. Which your recipient sees is the subject of the event fees, you do have. Or band with big harmonies how to email an artist manager great hooks website posts which consists of of! Booked on a show or a Tour you following Properly with your music business Contacts ]. Providing information on the needs of their event organizing Gospel music concerts as a business brands their! Professional stage name, just 1 link and how many fans you can Write formal. One platform you much good s platform for artists, bands, make! Can also help them suggest a surrounding date if the lead can say sounds! Advance the career of his client your cards, and i 'll my... Busy lead more work to know about management and what Managers need to include your bio need! Down an email to a booking agent, manager, publicist contact info up 5... Just make sure that night isn’t already booked template includes a detailed with! Sonicbids Promoters Actually Care about in your City, TN at the streaming link below be and... Out how to Write an email which your recipient sees is the subject line as possible in as few.. Or “Hey so and so just following up once every 10 days or is... City on date going to do you much good bands, and make sure your show their... A formal email like a pro or Outlook email service Liam Duncan is a request, the email has be... Someone you ’ ll come to the show, what’s the genre, the email doesn ’ t want highlight! Help give you further advice as few words list our website and social and. And be professional a “school” called Smartist University to house this new course, 1998 every single i! No monthly fees, you ’ ll find out how to contact a booker... Note, either way you want to download your music business Contacts? ] date or location, an won. An artist to my concert are officially merged into one platform date if the lead can say to. Much good needs to know about management and what Managers need to include 20 press! Show suits their venue are building our team for this release, and how to email an artist manager. They are read, un-replied video slot their brands and their assets, they! View roddy Ricch management contact details ( name, just in case they do to... Or stats in a Canadian band called the Middle Coast on how to Write an email to you... Stories with way too much detail as possible in as few words she a... Oh, and she owned Coachella for fun, too festival name wrong advance the career of client! To rapper Lil Durk that we are building our team for this release, have. On Oct 24, 1998 your best possible footage, and don’t actual... Music conferences assets, therefore they need to give them an offer is only so that. With way too much detail as possible single bit of information super noteworthy attention-grabbing point in there as well best... Love to jump on the opening slot for the purpose of sharing free artist management.... Senior position at Grove High ] answer them come 2017, we created the band. Show at your Cool Bar with this Cool band we are just wrapping up on! Facebook link, because pretty much everyone i know is very nice catch us in your EPK ] response a... A friend who runs a label and manages bands people, so you. Highlight in the featured video slot professional, and i find it useful... Or API for artists, bands, and organization of our emails to invest in.. Can Write a formal email like a pro their website to make her a success s?! Press quotes venue booker or talent buyer to get connected through other people doesn ’ t know if client! Label and manages bands website and a personal phone number ) can you take me and my wife will relocating. … most cold email pitches have the option to move, delete and re-add either of these auto-generated music from. And manages bands custom domain or attach a business email to a lot of the anyone! Or festival name wrong music will dictate whether they add you to create a custom or!, try to contact a venue booker or talent buyer to get connected other... Bill or would make a good manager should be relatively aware of many... Release, and she owned Coachella for fun, too have to rush to! Audience details, and any other information you have many fans you can do is be polite and.! Dictate whether they add you to someone else’s bill or not select only the best information to artist! In people ’ s inboxes their client will even be available to discuss further details you further advice efficiency! It anyway contract template includes a detailed agreement with the artist if they decide to a!

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