klamath county code

Klamath County Circuit Court 316, Main Street Klamath Falls, OR 97601 Phone: (541) 883-5503 Fax: (541) 882-6109. 57.001A -12/31/2012. . . 624.510. Interior storage shall include any vehicle which will be used to transport waste tires, including trailers, dumpsters or semi-truck trailers. An annual inspection fee may be required for a kenneled rated license. The Board may consider the rates charged by other persons performing the same or similar service in the same or other areas. A large animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an approved method within three (3) business days after death. (d) Where the applicant is providing disposal service on the effective date of this Chapter, and has filed his/her application within thirty (30) days thereafter, he/she may continue service until the final decision of the Board on his/her application. (3) Where a right-of-way has been perfected through public use, the failure by the County to conduct mechanical maintenance of said right-of-way shall not affect in any way the status of said right-of-way as a highway accepted by the public in accordance with the policy of the Federal government. (25) "Urban Growth Boundary" means the boundary for Urban Growth acknowledged by the Oregon State Land Conservation and Development Commission surrounding the City of Klamath Falls. dealing with animals, but does supplement those provisions. (c) The Notice of Violation shall contain the following information or blanks in which such information shall be entered: (ii) Name of the person alleged to have committed the violation; (iii) Section(s) of the code allegedly violated; (iv) Brief description of the alleged civil violation in such a manner as can be readily understood by a person making a reasonable effort to investigate or make a determination; (v) The date, time and place at which the violation allegedly occurred; (vi) The date on which the Notice of Violation was issued; (vii) The minimum requirements for appearance. Any party may be represented by counsel. Multi- year licensing and kennel rate licensing for wolf hybrids is not. The Animal Control Officer shall charge an additional fee in addition to the regular licensing fee charged by Klamath County for a license following designation as a dangerous dog. also) 155.700 Klamath Falls PD 155.850 Klamath Falls PD 153.890 Klamath County Fire 153.950 Klamath Counth … (c) Outdoor facilities shall have an additional exterior fence surrounding the pen providing a minimum of a three- foot barrier between the fence and pen. (2) If a dog not previously impounded under this Chapter is subsequently ordered to be impounded by the Court and the keeper appeals the decision, the keeper of the dog shall be required to post a deposit with the Animal Control Office at the time the notice of intent to file an appeal is submitted, to apply towards the expense of sheltering the dog during the pendency of the appeal proceeding. (i) The keeper of a dog in a county or city that is subject to ORS 609.030 and 609.035 to 609.110 maintains a public nuisance if the dog commits an act described under this subsection. Klamath County : Klamath Falls urban area … (1) If, the time given to comply with an Order to Abate the nuisance has expired without abatement, the Court may summarily abate the nuisance by ordering impoundment of the dog in accordance with KCC 403.108 and assess the cost of such abatement against the keeper of the dog, in addition to the penalties for the violation. (15) "Owner" means any person, as defined in this section, having a legal interest in the real or personal property. (3) These four members shall be appointed no later than the 100th day prior to the election. (25) feet from any building and no closer than ten (10) feet to any property line. . The collection and disposal service franchisee shall provide the required notices for a promotion of the recycling collection service and shall cooperate in the area-wide local government, school and private person recycling education efforts. ", (3) O.R.S. (a) any road, street, trail, or other access or way that is open to the public to come and go at will, without regard to how or by whom the way was constructed or maintained; (b) appurtenant land and structures including road drainage ditches, back and front slopes, cut and fill slopes, turnouts, rest areas, and other areas that facilitate use of the highway by the public; and. (5) Rabies vaccinations shall be at the discretion of the keeper and veterinarian until a rabies vaccine labeled by the United States Department of Agriculture for use in wolf hybrids becomes available, at which time it will become mandatory to give rabies vaccinations to wolf hybrids in Klamath County. PURSUANT to Klamath County Code 1.001, I, Reginald R. Davis, County Counsel for Klamath County, do hereby certify that I have compared each section printed in this Code with the o Should the care be less than 10 days, the keeper may receive a partial refund from the County after deducting any fines or fees still owing. (d) Not refuse service to any customer or prospective customer who has complied with all requirements of the franchise. (1) The County Counsel shall publish the Klamath County Code and shall be responsible for codifying any new Ordinances adopted. Such appointment shall be in addition to all other remedies available to the County. ", (10) O.R.S. This paragraph shall not apply to any order for closure or restriction of use by any public agency, public body or court having jurisdiction. (1) Judicial Review of any final order of the agency shall be by Writ of Review to the Oregon Court of Appeals. (2) Persons providing service continuously for a period of not less than one hundred eighty days (180) prior to the adoption of this Chapter shall be granted a collection franchise for the area they are presently serving provided that such persons are providing adequate service and otherwise qualify for a franchise under this Section. Ordinance No. (4) No person shall store more than 100 waste tires without a DEQ permit unless exempt from the permit requirement established by ORS Chapter 459. (22) “Refuse” means all solid waste except body wastes and shall include garbage, ashes and rubbish. The responsibility for the dress of students rests with the parent, the student, and the school. Uniformly interpret and apply Oregon State statutes, rules, and codes regulating building construction safety, energy efficiency, accessibility and durability. compliance to the court on or before the 10th day after issuance of the order imposing the restrictions. Zip codes for Klamath County-Oregon. (31) “State of Good Health” means freedom from disease, illness, excessive matting and parasites that cause sores, and in a condition of proper body weight and temperature for the age and species of the animal, unless the animal is undergoing appropriate treatment with a licensed veterinarian. . 459A.085(5) and O.R.S. (2) Wrongful Impoundment. (ii) A description of the property (and if a vehicle, the type, make, model, year, license number and I.D. (1) The tires are stored in a fenced area with fences being. enforcement officer or his/her designee may immediately institute a suit under this section. It is a violation of this Chapter to leave a domesticated animal at a location without providing for the animal’s continued care. The Board of County Commissioners shall establish by rules of procedure a Risk Manager to oversee the County Self-Insurance Program. O.R.S. . (8) "Hazardous Waste" means the waste that may, by itself or in combination with other wastes, be infectious, explosive. . . (9) When outside of a secure enclosure or kennel, all wolf hybrids must be harnessed and on a strong, secure lead constructed of such material as to prevent its escape, and must be under the direct control of a capable adult. "Vehicle" shall not include devices primarily designed for use in agricultural operations. Any keeper who believes his/her dog to have been wrongfully impounded may, within the impoundment period, appeal to the Circuit Court of Oregon for Klamath County which shall have full power to determine whether the dog has been wrongfully impounded; and, if so, shall determine whether it shall be returned to the keeper and under what terms. (2) Recording of Vacations Pursuant to O.R.S. O.R.S. Get NPA NXX (area code and prefix) information for KLAMATH County, OR. If the owner or person in charge of the property cannot be reasonably determined, the notice provided for herein shall be mailed by prepaid, certified mail, return receipt requested, to the addressee's last known address. . Chapter 459 and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder and has insurance equal to that required by KCC 400.420, and such other additional insurance as may be required by the Board, particularly with respect to the public liability for fire originating upon the premises. All penalties imposed for violations of this Chapter shall be remitted to the Klamath County Treasurer for deposit into a designated Animal Control fund. (16) "Parking" means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading property or passengers. (16) “Domestic Animal” means any animal other than livestock that is owned or possessed by a person. (9) "Intersection" means the area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the lateral right-of-way lines of two or more streets or roads which join one another at an angle, whether or not one street or road crosses the other. The Board of County Commissioners shall, in conjunction with the Animal Control Officer of Klamath County, establish by resolution any license, registration, impoundment, hearing penalties, insurance bond or other applicable fees regulated under this Chapter. And if so ordered, law enforcement personnel may make inquires or inspections and remove from the premises any dog being found, kept, or owned by said person(s). No other issues shall be determined at said hearing. . Get PDF (17 MB) Abstract. Current Time: 06:51:44 PM. 51.05 - 04/26/2005 Ordinance No. When filing the measure with the Secretary of State for inclusion in the State Voters Pamphlet, the County Clerk shall also file the ballot title originally prepared for the measure, or if that title has been subjected to judicial review, the ballot title certified by the Court. Klamath County, OR - PO Box ZIP Codes (NO DEMOGRAPHIC DATA) 97602 | 97604 | 97622 | 97626 | 97634. ZIP+4 Database. ", (9) O.R.S. ", (11) O.R.S. This notice shall be served upon the person and shall advise him that he/she may within ten (10) days from the date of service upon him request a hearing before the Board of County Commissioners. Warning signs notifying the public that a dangerous dog is on the premises must be posted in a conspicuous place visible from the public sidewalk or road adjoining the location the dog is kept or if there is no such public sidewalk or road then at the boundary lines of the property where access is provided. (4) Certified copies of death certificates of any person appearing in the County Records as owning or having a claim or interest in land in the County. No method shall be deemed exclusive. (7) "Garbage" means all animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of food. Rules and regulations that are adopted by the Board of County Commissioners pursuant to subsection (7) or (10) of KCC 100.100 may be adopted by order of the Board. (6) Any dog that has been determined to be dangerous by a Judge or Justice of the Peace, shall be properly licensed and vaccinated. 97737. ", (8) O.R.S. (4) The person or persons requesting the hearing and the Chief Administrative Officer may subpoena witnesses, submit testimony, give argument, cross-examine witnesses, and submit. . (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying or amending the application. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that any notice sent by mail was served on the third business day following deposit in the mail. Should the enclosure fail to meet the requirements of this section, the dangerous dog shall immediately be impounded by Dog Control: (a) All outdoor and indoor facilities shall be constructed and maintained to allow sufficient space for the dog to make normal postural and social adjustments with freedom of movement and space for exercise. The Board of County Commissioners shall meet for the transaction of County business on every Tuesday in each month unless otherwise scheduled by the Chair of the Board and at such other times as may be called by the Chair of the Board. for any law enforcement agency. Klamath County ZIP code Lookup. 609.010 through O.R.S. . 206.230, the headnote of which reads "Duties and qualifications of undersheriffs. Such nuisance shall become subject to the provisions of this Chapter upon the said declaration of the Chief Administrative Officer. Klamath County Property Records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property in Klamath County, Oregon. (d) Misrepresented the gross receipts from the franchised service area or, if required to report on such receipts, the gross receipts from operation of a franchised disposal site. Chapter, 459 or the rules or regulations promulgated thereunder; or, (b) Materially misrepresented facts or information given in the application for the franchise; or, (c) Willfully refused to provide adequate service in a defined service area or at the franchised disposal site after written notification and an opportunity to do so; or. If, at the discretion of the appointed Animal Control Officer, the dog is determined to be a danger to the public’s safety, the dog shall be held until such time and if the Court determines otherwise. Such foodstuff shall be served in a receptacle, dish, or container that is physically clean and in which agents injurious to health have been removed or destroyed to a practical minimum. Please Read the back of your citation for instructions. FIPS Code. Klamath County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance. (4) If the Board makes a final order rejecting all or part of the application for a franchise, the applicant may not submit another application for the same service area or a portion thereof within a one-year period from the date of rejection unless the Board finds that the public interest requires reconsideration within a shorter period of time. (q) The parking of trucks with 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle weight rating of 40,000 pounds or more on any County or public road right-of-way within the Urban Growth Boundary. No person shall intentionally or recklessly: No person shall torture, torment, tease, beat, kick, strike, choke, cut, stab, stone, shoot, mutilate, injure, disable, kill, or tamper with any law enforcement animal while it is in the custody of a law enforcement officer or while it is being caged, kenneled, transported, exhibited, exercised, or used in discharging or attempting to discharge any lawful duty or function or power of office by any law enforcement officer or his/her representative. A franchise holder who has discontinued service on the basis of refusal of a customer to pay for such service may demand that the customer pay in advance a reasonable deposit to guarantee payment for future services before reinstating such service. (4) Any dog impounded for running at large, that is owned by a keeper that has been assigned or found/pled guilty of being a Habitual Offender, is considered to be a public safety hazard and shall remain impounded awaiting determination from the Court as to the confinement requirements or the disposition of the dog. Chapter 459 or this Chapter. 15.05 - 07/22/92 Ordinance No. 5561 0 obj <> endobj Klamath County (Or.) The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint the Animal Control Officer whose salary shall be fixed by the Klamath County Board of Commissioners. (21) “Livestock” means ratites, psittacines, horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, swine. (2) Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a franchise from refusing to provide service to a customer if the customer refuses to pay for the service in accordance with rates established pursuant to this Ordinance or for other reasons as may be established by the Board by regulation; provided, however, in no event shall the holder of any franchise terminate such service without seven (7) days prior written notice notifying the customers and the Director of the holder's intention to terminate service. For the services of County Surveyor for marking the record on the original plat, the County Clerk shall collect $6.00 to be paid to the County Surveyor. - Complete Code - Chapter 40 - Chapter 80 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 50 - Chapter 90 - Chapter 20 - Chapter 60 - Appendices Ordinance No. This Klamath County ZIP code added 128 cases, increasing its total to 728. (3) Upon recommendation of the Director, if the Board finds that the need for service justifies action before a complete investigation and final determination can be made, it may order the Director to issue a temporary certificate, valid for a stated period not to exceed six (6) months entitling a person to serve a defined service area or customers. (24) "Solid Waste" means all putrescible and non-putrescible wastes, whether in solid or liquid form (except wastes produced by the human body, liquid-carried industrial waste or sewage, or sewage hauled as an incidental part of septic tank or cesspool cleaning service) and includes garbage, rubbish, refuse, ashes, fill material, sewage sludge, street refuse, industrial wastes, swill, demolition and used construction materials, abandoned vehicles, or parts thereof, discarded home or industrial appliances, vegetable or animal wastes not associated with agricultural or garden activities and semi-solid waste, dead animals and other discarded solid materials. Steps to correct the violation must be taken immediately and the issuing agency shall return within 2 working days to ensure that the violation has been corrected. Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. (2) The creation or maintenance of one or more of the conditions specified in subsection (1) of this Section shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this Section. 6 feet or higher and which are secured for access by the public. (5) Failure of the person requesting the hearing to appear at the hearing shall constitute a waiver of the right to hearing. 517.280 shall not be issued until the co-owners entitled to it pay the Clerk a fee as for recording a deed. (3) No exterior storage shall be closer than twenty-five. (26) "Vector" means any insect organism, including but not limited to flies, fleas, lice, ticks, fly maggots and mosquito larvae, rodent or other animal capable of bearing or carrying disease transmittable to human beings. The enclosure shall be signed in a manner which prevents the dog from menacing any public way, sidewalk, or adjoining property, and must be located so as not to interfere with the public’s legal access to the keeper’s property. The locator shall, within sixty (60) days from the posting of the location notices by him upon the lode or claim, file for record with the Clerk for the county where the claim is situated, who shall be the custodian of miners' records and miners' liens, a copy of the notice posted by him on the lode or claim and pay the Clerk a fee as for recording a deed, which sum the Clerk shall immediately pay over to the Treasurer of the County and shall take a receipt therefor, as in the case of other County funds coming into the possession of such officer. Dress Code. (6) Following a violation of this section the Court may order relief that it deems appropriate for the protection of the public, including that the dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog be destroyed. Klamath County : Klamath Falls … Any student who wears clothes at school that could cause a safety hazard, be a disruption to the learning environment, or violates Brixner’s dress code, will be asked to change clothes. (3) Nothing in this subsection shall apply to any order for a change, restriction or termination of service by any public agency, public body or court having jurisdiction; (4) The holder of a disposal franchise shall: (a) Not voluntarily discontinue service without giving at least ninety (90) days written notice of the proposed discontinuance of service to the Board and to any franchise using his/her disposal site and further receiving the approval of the Board prior to discontinuing said service. (10) "Liquid Waste" means waste oil, septic tank pumping or effluent, liquid industrial wastes or other similar material. (2) In lieu of immediate suspension, modification, revocation or refusal to renew a franchise, the Board may order compliance and make the suspension, modification, revocation or refusal to renew a franchise contingent upon compliance with the order within the period of time stated in said order.

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